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RIFT: The lines! Oh, the lines!

So there’s this mini-event in RIFT right now, mostly having to do with collecting dragon eggshells to turn in for Valuable Prizes.  This is all well and good, except that one of the daily quests has been bugged on the Defiant side (at least on my server).

The daily quest is to pick up five bags of coins that are appearing all over the cities.  Okay, no sweat.  On the Guardian side, it takes me a couple minutes.  On Defiant, it can be up to a half hour or more.  The problem is that the Defiant bags are all bugged and unclickable — except for one.  One slowly respawning bag, which has to be collected five times per person.

This has resulted in a line:

Amazingly, everyone’s being pretty civil about it, waiting their turn, joking in line, etc.  Kind of feels downright social, if it wasn’t for the undercurrent of annoyance aimed at Trion for letting something this badly bugged go on for a couple days now.

9 thoughts on “RIFT: The lines! Oh, the lines!

  1. Oh, that takes me back! I can remember waiting in line for quest spawns in AC all the time. They were quite social — joking, wisecracking and just conversing… Maybe the lines aren’t such a bad thing. 😉 Of course, I play on the Guardian side.

  2. On average it feels like the average rift player is more willing to cooperate with others. I noticed this pugging too. Coming off wow randoms, where if one thing went wrong the entire group evaporated. I was pleasantly surprised how willing rift players seem to be to stick through with something to the end.

    I honestly think that this is a side effect of MOST Rift players coming from a slightly different subset of gamers. Right now, the folks I see thriving in the game are the players who have been longtime multi-gamers. Folks who have experience in numerous mmos dating back to Everquest or equivalent. It feels like the game is made up mostly of these “digital pioneers”.

  3. This is something very cool to see. Community really does make an MMO; so far, RIFT has a good one.

  4. Strange how the bug is different on each server! About 75% of them work on Faeblight

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