10 thoughts on “Picture of the Day

  1. So true 😦 If we continue the trend then in a few years we can expect games to be nothing but packages of DLC you purchase in chunks cafeteria-style.

    Hot MMO of 2015 releases. “Oh, I’ll take the PvP system for $20, the quest system for $20, the dungeon system for $25, hmm, I think I’ll pass on the crafting system. Extra classes? Nah. Oh wait . . . I really want to play that one, well fine, $15 for the Ubermencschen class.”



  2. Actually, I could quite get behind the “modular MMO” concept. Why don’t you care bears PvP? Because we’re cheap, that’s why!

  3. Absolutely love it! Thanks for putting a brilliant image to what I blogged on 3/6:

    I want to play a complete game…not a mostly-complete game with bits nibbled off it and then marketed heavily from the get-go as extras…It’s all or none. Leonardo Da Vinci didn’t sell the Mona Lisa’s nose separately for an extra 50 lira.

  4. Also making this poignant for me is that I have been searching the last couple of days for a way to acquire the two DLC pieces I want for Mass Effect 2 and did not get as part of the edition that I bought. Was hoping I could get them with my Amazon gift card balance somehow, but they don’t seem to be available through Amazon.

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