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Quote of the Day

“Trion Worlds understands this premise. Their product is good, but it’s not enough. Just like McDonald’s, World of Warcraft is omni-present in their field. Luckily, World of Warcraft seems to not score high marks on treating customers and their subscriptions as highly valued. This gives Trion Worlds an edge. If they also make the customers feel special and give them pride for being a customer, the Rift airship is going to stay aloft a long time.”

~ Kill Ten Rats

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Rift doing as well as it is can only be good for the MMO industry. I really hope much of their influnce is catching and that other studios are down with catching it.

    Put more simply: if Rift is WoW 2.0, then when Blizzard comes out with WoW 3.0 they had better not drop any features.

  2. Ugh. Can we get away from WoW completely?

    It’s a tired old shallow game that has ruined the industry. I liked Rift until I figured out that it was indeed just WoW 2.0. Same grinding, same mindless daily tasks, same meaningless achievements, no character development or storyline. Urg.

    Somebody make UO with an updated engine, please.

  3. MMOs are a genre, like any other game. You don’t see people crying “Let’s get away from Doom” as games like Duke Nuken 3d, Quake, Unreal, Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, etc. rain upon the shelves with much of the model ripped off from previous successors. Indeed, that’s what makes a genre: a set of common design choices.

    When a new shooter comes out with something that’s a good addition to the genre (like alternative firing modes, reloading/limited clip-capacity, a “dash”/”sprint”, built-in VOIP, etc) then any later game in the genre would be amiss to not incorporate it too.

    Rift’s the next member of it’s genre, so it’s got to include aspects of WoW (as WoW redefined the genre in it’s own way). It’s *okay* that it’s like WoW. It’s in the same genre.

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