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Music Week: MMORPG soundtracks

I know I touched on MMO scores before, but there are plenty of additional tracks that I deliberately keep in my collection instead of tuning out.  So… here are a few more, I guess!

Guild Wars — Under the Dark Span (Asura Theme)

I have an entire folder filled with every Guild Wars OST track — that’s how much I love Jeremy Soule’s score for these games.  Just… awesome.  It’s hard to pick one out of them, but I’ve always been partial to this short but sweeping theme for the Asura.

Age of Conan — Memories of Cimmeria

AoC has one of the most widely recognized scores in the industry, and rightfully so.  “Haunting” is a good word for this track, as I can imagine it being played in a film after a huge tragedy has gone down for our heroes, or when someone is facing a huge decision of sorts.  It’s interesting in that it’s dominated by a female voice crooning wordless notes.

Aion — The Still Sad World

One thing that soundtrack collectors learn early on is that it’s important to separate your feelings for the work in which its featured with the score itself.  This is why we can have crappy films with extremely awesome soundtracks (Transformers, Twilight) or games that I personally would not play with great tracks (such as Aion here).  This is a lovely piece with an emotional piano vibe — and, oddly enough, whispering.

EverQuest II — Main Theme

A classic in many ways, and an update version of the original EQ theme.  It really does shout “FANTASY!” at you, but strangely enough I could picture this as a theme in any Star Trek film too.

Final Fantasy XIV — Chocobo Theme

Okay, we’ve heard this theme a million times before, but it’s still kinda catchy — and the intro bit is perfect to play at top volume.

Runes of Magic — Call for Heroes

I know, Runes of Magic, whodathunkit?  Jeremy at Massively pointed out a few tracks from this game to me, and I quickly realized that it has, hands-down, one of the best scores out there for MMOs.  I want to make a movie trailer of my life set to this piece, it’s that epic.

8 thoughts on “Music Week: MMORPG soundtracks

  1. Always loved the Guild Wars and Age of Conan music…wasn’t the Godslayer expansion soundtrack for AoC nominated for a major award?

    And…no love for the LotRO soundtrack??? It doesn’t top my list either, but it certainly falls higher than most! 😉

    (By the way, how do you get the tracks for Guild Wars outside of the game?)

  2. Yay for MMO music, some great suggestions and some I didn’t know yet! =)
    I love the AoC to death, although it’s not widely appreciated (I found). I have my own music post like this one sitting unfinished in my postbox for ages, I should really get to it soon!

  3. Back when I played Fable: The Lost Chapters in 2006, I was enthralled by the tune that plays when you enter the town of Oakvale.

  4. I am still a fan of the Grizzly Hills music from WotLK.
    Kinda has a western type fell to it. Reminds me of the Firefly theme is some ways.

  5. I’m a big fan of the music in Allods, actually. The main theme that plays during character selection is very stirring and appropriately militaristic! And since I spent nearly all my game time wandering about Nezebgrad (every imperial toon spends their first 10 levels there and I was trying out all the classes), its oddly boppy yet soothing tune seems to be permanently etched in my brain. Pretty impressive for the theme of a dark soviet city to pull off “boppy” AND “soothing” while still fitting the environment!

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