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“Sony has told you guys that you are not going to win this.  There’s no question, there’s no last-ditch rally to save the beach from Evil Mr. Shutdownington or whatever.  Sony stepped up and said ‘guys, the petition thing, it’s sweet, but it is also totally pointless.’  And yet the desperate requests to spread the word continue, as if somehow if you just got enough signatures it would somehow alter the space-time continuum and the companies would change their minds.”

~ Ex Post Ninja

8 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. I’m completely baffled by this whole petition thing. SWG isn’t shutting down because Sony has decided it’s not worth keeping up, it’s shutting down because they’re losing the license to the Star Wars IP. Lucasarts controls that, and most certainly is not going to choose SWG over SW:TOR. The petitions are hopeless to start with, but petitioning SONY is utterly pointless, because SOE couldn’t do anything about it even if they wanted to.


  2. What gamers blatantly ignoring facts in lieu of their own thoughts and feelings on an issue? That NEVER happens. /sarcasm

  3. There was a thread out there where those running the petition were proudly announcing that they had over 2,100 signatures, as though they were well on their way to the magic number of signature that would turn the tide in their favor.

    But this was in the same thread where somebody was claiming that the source of WoW’s success was the exodus of SWG players alienated by the NGE, so there was plenty of ignorance to go around it seemed.

  4. A game people love is shutting down. Is it so crazy that they’d try whatever they could to keep it going? So a petition is very very very very unlikely to do anything at all, but if they love their game so much, why not try? The sadder event would be if the servers all shut down and no one said a thing.

  5. @Kelpsacovic

    As I said in the full post, it’s not the passion that I’m questioning, it’s the methodology. Sadness is understandable, but the core of the response is a petition saying “A lot of us like SWG!” Which is great, but it’s an answer to a question nobody asked.

  6. I agree. I am an SWG veteran, having played from beta right through till post NGE. There is no other game where I’ve had the same amazing experiences that I had with the Starsider community and so hearing about the shutdown is a very sad time for me personally. I know that many of my old guild are actually going to go back for the last few months as a send off, we were there at the beginning so we’ll be there at the end. However, I know that this is the end and am resigned to it. Sure it gave me the ability to live in Star Wars for a time, but we have TOR to look forward to. Will it be a different experience? I am sure it will but then again, we’re not the same people we were in 2003 either, times and people change, so why shouldn’t the worlds we inhabit online?

  7. I think it’s probably fair to say that at least one part of the concern, in any such event like this, is not just that they’ll lose the game but that they’ll lose the community. Not everyone you enjoyed playing with on one game is necessarily going to be interested in any other game to which you might move. So you can end up losing touch with large chunks of your social circle because of a decision over which you had no control.

    I’m not an SWG player myself, and never have been. But I’ve been through a few game closings in my time, and you always end up drifting apart from a large portion of the players you used to play with unless everyone manages to agree on a single game to jump to en masse. I suspect a LOT of SWG players fear that TOR won’t be it, and then they’ll have no options to play Star Wars with their friends.

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