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RIFT: The World is Amiss

A couple of days ago I posted about how the first stage of RIFT’s new world event seemed a little… lackluster, I guess.  But just as soon as I got used to the new routine of dailies, the second staged kicked in, and now I’m starting to feel it.  Some of the old (easy) dailies have been rotated out, and a bunch of new ones are now active — quests which require you to do a lot more: grouping, rift closing, and even seeking out Hammerknell to view a looping real-world cinematic.  It’s sort of like a play that keeps repeating upon request, but I’m not knocking it too much because it truly is neat and I liked it well enough.

But my favorite thing is that you can see a lot of little details about the world changing, particularly in the main cities.  It’s like everything is leaking and drowning, and even inside the main Sanctum hall the ceiling is dripping water.  It gives a good sense of immediacy, that there’s something amiss and you want to get out there and fix it.

I just hope phase three holds off until I come back next weekend — I really want to experience all of this!

2 thoughts on “RIFT: The World is Amiss

  1. Having spent the past few days inside SWG before me free time runs out I need to get my main back on in Rift and check things out.

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