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Introducing Crowd Challenges!

It struck me yesterday that, wow, I don’t think I’ve seen the MMO blogosphere as quiet as it’s been over the past week or two.  My feed reader used to be flooded every day, but now it’s slowed down to a trickle (or, if you want to be purile, a “tinkle”).  I’m guessing that we’re hitting the biggest lull of the year right now — between major news, major releases, in the hottest part of summer, vacation time, etc. — and blogging has simply slowed to reflect that.

However, I’ve also seen a couple bloggers express frustration that they want to write, there just isn’t anything coming to mind.

So I have an idea.  A “thing.”  It’s kind of a challenge and a chain-letter all in one, and it might help spark a few interesting discussions in the community.  If you’re an MMO blogger, listen up!  I’m calling it “Crowd Challenge” (CC).

The idea is that I’ll kick off a special challenge that can be taken up by any (or all) bloggers, who must actually complete said challenge in game and provide proof of it on their blog, along with a few thoughts on the subject.  CC-takers who do so then earn the right to set their own challenge and hopefully pass this along to others.

A few rules:

(1) The challenge has to be accessible to everyone, so it either has to deal with a free-to-play title or a MMO of the challengee’s choice.

(2) The stranger or more interesting the challenge, the better.  Keep the CCs legal and within the TOS.

(3) When you do the challenge, screenshots or it didn’t happen.  Put up a post with the pictures and the story of how the challenge went.

(4) Link back to the blog who gave you the challenge, and perhaps drop a line in that blog’s comment section letting the owner know you completed it.

(5) Post your new Crowd Challenge along with these five rules!

Got it?  It’s that simple!  If you guys are good about doing these, I’ll try my best to keep track of all of the threads, challenges and stories for later re-posting.

The first Crowd Challenge is this: Log in to one of your wealthier characters, find a low-level player, and offer to take them on an auction house shopping spree.  Let them choose what gear, weapons and other goodies they want within a preset spending limit set by you (so you don’t get ripped off, you purchase the items and give them to the player instead of just forking over money).  Get a response from the player and pose for a picture with them and their new loot!

Get to work, bloggers!  Let me know when any of you post your results!

P.S. — Don’t have a blog but you want to participate?  Don’t let that stop you — go ahead and just regale us with your story in the comments section!

P.P.S. — I’ll be trying out as many of these CCs myself as possible, including this one!

10 thoughts on “Introducing Crowd Challenges!

  1. That might be fun! I’ll give it a try with LotRO.

    And if you are looking for things to read, check my newbie blog. I even wrote about LotRO earlier today 🙂

  2. Here’s another Crowd Challenge:

    Find and assist a Chicken Session player by clearing out the enemies ahead of them and get a screenshot with them.

  3. @ James – I once helped a Troll in Feralas with the Chicken escort quest from the Yeti caves (I was on my Gnome Warrior at the time). I ran ahead and aggroed one of the pack of ambushing gorillas, the Troll joined in, and I watched in horror as the Robot Chicken sauntered through the pack of gorillas, out the other side, and just kept on running up the path.

    I didn’t scream out loud at my monitor but I was doing my best to send the Troll a telepathic message to “Get after the Chicken! Quick! Before it gets…Bong!”

    As clear as if it was coming from my own speakers I heard the bell toll in my mind. That horrible, clanking, echoing bell which signifies a Quest Failure. Truly, no good deed goes unpunished.

    With heavy heart I followed the Troll back to the cave then proceeded to kill Yetis and clear the way until he emerged, once again following a Robot Chicken. This time, before engaging the Mobs, I let the Chicken take a hit or two so it would stop and fight, and after quite some time together (those Chicken Escorts are loooong!) we completed the quest.

    When he was done the Troll bowed, I saluted, and off we went on our separate ways.

  4. OMG! Robot Chicken is one of my favourite TV shows ever!

    Their Star Wars one with Boba Fett and the lightsaber cracks me up everytime I think about it 🙂

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