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Hunkering down through the hype storm

I was talking with my brother-in-law the other day.  He’s a major Star Wars fan who’s done a 180 on the whole Old Republic thing.  Initially, he was so wedded to World of Warcraft that he wouldn’t even consider other games out there, but happily WoW’s hold has weakened on his life to where he’s branched out into other regions of the MMOverse.  So when TOR came back around at E3, he happily jumped on board and hasn’t looked back, pre-order and all.

Of course, the problem with last week’s whole pre-order shebang is that while it’s great that we can reserve our copies and that it indicates the game is coming along nicely, it also broke into my protective shell that was helping me get through these months without thinking about the game too much.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love to indulge in anticipation, speculation, dev diaries and the like, but when I’m really anticipating a game, I don’t want to be thinking about it 24/7 any more.  That’s a recipe to be driven nuts, like a kid who can’t think of anything other than Christmas presents even though it’s still over a month away.  No amount of wishing, daydreaming or so-called “Force powers” is going to make time move any faster.

No, the only way I found to get to the date faster is to try to keep hype indulgence to a once-in-a-while thing instead of an all-day, every-day gorge-a-thon.  I’ve done the latter before (see: WAR), and while it is certainly a ton of fun, it also can be quite exhausting and frustrating when all you’re doing is speculating and analyzing instead of being able to play it.  I can’t believe that some sites have been churning out SWTOR articles and podcasts day in and day out for well over two years now, because you’d think that burnout would happen at some point.  Heck, that’s longer than some folks play an average new game.

I was a little disheartened to hear about the beta weekends in September, too.  Not that they’re bad things for the testing and promotion of the game, but because as a blogger it’s terribly hard to ignore popular betas even if you’re not a big fan of them.  You know that if you give them a pass, others won’t, and you’ll already be behind on Day One.  Maybe that’s shallow, but that’s how I feel.

My guess is that we won’t see SWTOR before early December, so there’s no use getting all in a tizzy at the end of July here.  Fortunately, I have plenty to keep me occupied: a new project in LOTRO, LOTRO’s September expansion, getting to 50 in RIFT, and filling up my Hall of Monuments in Guild Wars (I’m up to 10?  Maybe?).  Time to stay focused and not put all my Wampa eggs in one basket!

9 thoughts on “Hunkering down through the hype storm

  1. Having the same problem! Luckily its not as bad as when I was reading your WAR blog, and listening to your podcast. Now that I have preordered I just can’t get enough.

  2. Wampa’s lay eggs?

    And yeah, same boat here too. For me, it’s semi-easy to not get too involved simply becuz there’s really not a whole lot of concrete info out there yet. Hard to get too hyped up when you don’t know what to be hyped about other than “Star Wars!” and “Character Stories!” and. . yeah, that’s about it.

  3. speaking strictly as someone who believes putting all your eggs in one mmo basket is short-sighted, is Guild Wars any good? I tried it once but I found it incredibly bland, should I give it another go?? Does it get better in the higher levels??

  4. @Sgvsports — It is good, it took me a few tries to get really into it, but there’s a HUGE amount of depth (and grind) here. Plus, hey, buy once, play forever. I’d recommend playing through Nightfall first to get your heroes, and make sure to find a helpful guild.

  5. My Guild Wars hall of monuments! I completely forgot about that thing. I think I’m only around 15 or so, but then my goal was really only to hit 20 or maybe 25. I’m not even remotely concerned about getting higher than 30. Of course, I need to remember to actually play the game if I want to get any more unlocks . . .

  6. I’ve been blogging about gw2 since 2009, amongst other things, and I think for some people blogging about the anticipation and hype for a game is just as fun as playing the game itself. So if you can play a game for two years, you can certainly blog about it for the same length of time.

  7. Worst thing for me is the time of year the pre-orders have happened, especially with their limited numbers. I’d love to get the digital edtion as I consider the main CE to be way above a pricing point I’m happy to play. Unfortunately my wife is on maternity leave and we are pretty much down to a single income and I have my brother stag-do and wedding this paycheck as well as a car service coming. I just don’t have the money to buy it which makes me think I might miss out on the goodies I want. Still a computer game against my daughter… I know which one is really the more worthwhile!

  8. I do want to pre order the game but want to wait until it gets closer to release. I’ve started playing War again, hoping it will keep me busy until swtor release.

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