Quote of the Day

“Yep, EA Bioware have actually manage to limit digital registrations of a digital game under, according to their FAQ, the guise of some cock and bull story about wanting to maintain quality. And of course this has caused a lot of complaints and moaning and groaning around forums and blogs etc but at the end of the day it’s achieved exactly what the developers intended –  it’s created artificial supply limits to increase demand.”

~ We Fly Spitfires

I totally agree with this (and the other points he makes here).  BioWare’s position is that this is somehow to limit the number of people for early access, but yeah, it doesn’t hold water.  There’s no reason to limit supplies of digital products unless you seriously cannot facilitate all the players for it (which I doubt since the same game’s going to have to facilitate the same number of people at some point) or you want to increase demand.

Late-Night Podcasting


I long ago realized that if you show up somewhere and act like you belong, then most people will just let you be.  So it is with MMO podcasting — sometimes I just like to hop onto Skype minutes before someone’s show starts recording and go, “Hey!  I’m here!  Let’s do this puppy!”

It works more often than you’d think.  Such is the case with the recent episode of LOTRO Reporter, where Chris and Bill graciously allowed me to jump on the show like three minutes before they began recording it, mostly because I was punch-tired and brazen.

So head on over and give it a listen, and thanks to the bickering duo for letting me butt in!


My wife works in sales for a computer training company, and yesterday she was on the phone with an entire IT team at some corporation.  She was just making chit-chat and knew that they were a bit geeky, so she said, “So Dan, tell me one thing: Did you order Star Wars?”

“STAR WARS!!!” the response came back.  “How’d you know about that?”

The conversation degenerated into rabid fan-love for all things SWTOR on their part, and she was proud when she said she woke me up early to get my pre-order in that day.

“How’d your husband know about Star Wars?” one of the guys asked.

“Oh, he works at Massively and writes a blog.”

“MASSIVELY!!!  You’re kidding!  OMG!  Tell me, does he play RIFT?”

In short, my wife sold $10,000 of training to this company, and I like to take partial credit for it.

Building Better Burglars

I’m having a lot of fun putzing around on my lowbie Burglar in LOTRO, and a great part of that is coming up with fun outfits that don’t quite work on tall humans.  Here’s my newest creation, tailor-made for the shadowy life:

  • Head: Ceremonial Thrill-seeker’s Helm (Rift Rescue skirmish, took 10 campaign marks and 1300 skirmish marks)
  • Shoulders, Cloak, Boots: Isengard pre-order
  • Hands: Fingerless gloves, Winter festival
  • Shirt, Pants: Shabby outfit, Winter festival

Quote of the Day

“Let us dispel the fantasy here and now: true beta testing isn’t as glamorous or glorious as some people think. Metaphorically speaking, you’re essentially asked, very nicely I might add, to go into someone’s place of business, break stuff, and then report to the shopkeepers or managers as to what can be done to prevent stuff from breaking and to improve the overall experience for everyone else. Preferably without anyone dying from tetanus.”

~ Games and Geekery