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The Annoying Pugger

Despite common sense, I do engage in pick-up groups quite frequently, especially in RIFT where the LFG tool makes it just about as painless as possible.  On the average night I’ll run one or two 5-man dungeons to stay on top of the gear curve — and pick up some nice XP and notoriety as well.

For the most part, these PUGs go smoothly — everyone pitches in, we have fun, there’s some light chit-chat, we get the gear and go home.  But on occasion you end up with the pugger from hell which ruins the experience.

Last night I was experiencing Charmer’s Caldera for the very first time with a PUG.  It didn’t really start well; the tank was too timid and kept doing ready checks before every trash pull, one of the guys disconnected, and we were crawling to the first boss instead of flying.  That happens from time to time, so I stayed patient and assumed it would get better.

It did, for the most part, except for one member of the party.  He was our support bard, and it took me several minutes to figure out that he was going to be a pain in the rump for the remainder of the run.  He was that type of annoying pugger who straddled the line between useful teammate and incompetent, just good enough so we didn’t have a reason to trigger a vote kick but irritating enough that it was going to sour the rest of the run.

His entire contribution to the team was throwing buffs on us before battle and then hopping around while we fought.  He didn’t attack, he didn’t contribute to the group healing, just hop hop hop hop hop hop hop HOP HOP HOP HOP HOP HOP HOP HOP HOP HOP HOP HOP.  Ugh, I hate hoppers.  I used to see them a lot more than I do now, but then or now they’re the epitome of irksome.  This is when you’d wish the game would give you a SIDDOWN! ability that could physically pin a character to the ground for a time out.

Above that, he would start skinning beasts in the middle of fights, leaving absolutely none for the rest of us.  And he knew he was being a butt, too, because he said things like “Ooh, sneaky sneaky!”

The worst part was after our second boss fight when a really nice leather hat dropped.  As both he and I were rogues, we each rolled need, and he won.  Fair enough.  But then he had to stop and say “Ooh, P’WNED!”  “What, the boss?” our tank asked.  “No, the guy I beat for the hat!”

Pwned?  Seriously?

A small part of me snapped and my eye didn’t stop twitching until we finished the run (during which I hit level 49, yay).  That level of annoyingness is just bizarre to me — why be a jerk?  Why don’t you contribute more to the team when you’re asked?  Is your cat hitting the spacebar repeatedly?

Now, there’s no larger point to this other than to give a mild vent about a mildly annoying guy, other than to say that sometimes you do end up with people who aren’t outright horrible, but who just get under your skin and you’re too polite and/or helpless to really do anything about it.  I know I could’ve quit, but when you invest an hour of time into a dungeon run that took you 45 minutes to queue up for, there’s some incentive to stay put.

Whew.  There.  I feel better.  I almost want to go… jump for joy.

19 thoughts on “The Annoying Pugger

  1. And this is just one of the reasons I quit playing Rift. The community is WoW 2.0 with annoying ten-year-olds everywhere.

    I have recently learned more about keeping my own boundaries, however, and I’m so bored that I may pick it up again, if only to get frustrated in a week. I figure this is a perfect way to test those boundaries — if I get in a group with one of those, I’m out, no questions asked. “Wasting” an hour of my time waiting for a group vs. being annoyed and having my blood pressure raised while I deal with someone else’s bratty child? That’s a no-brainer choice for me right there.

  2. you should have followed Big Red Kitty’s Pugging Rule number 9:

    9. If within the first three pulls, a person starts behaving like a crack-addict who just spent his last dollar on Arm and Hammer Baking Soda in a baggie, kick him without a second thought.

  3. Wait a second. Are you really saying that all a Bard is required to do to qualify as “just good enough” is to buff before fights?

    I’m serious here. I have three level 50s in Rift, all qualified to run T2 dungeons by dint of the crafted gear they are wearing, all of which was made by crafters leveled by me or Mrs Bhagpuss. I have never taken any of them into even a Normal dungeon, let alone a T1 because, despite almost 12 years experience of MMOs I am still wary of not being up to the mark in a demanding group situation and I really don’t want either to make a fool of myself or waste anyone’s time.

    One of my level 50s has a 47 point Bard spec, which I understand reasonably well how to play. Are you seriously telling me that if I took that character into a dungeon PUG and just buffed I wouldn’t get kicked? Of course, I wouldn’t just buff – I’d chain heal, debuff and do some DPS too. It’s pretty much what I do non-stop in PvP and rifts, after all. As a bonus I can also not act like a jerk, pretty much to order.

    Just how low are expectations in these groups?

  4. WoW ruined the grouping experience for me completely. Even though I play RIFT for about an hour a day, I haven’t experienced a dungeon.

    The people that hop drive me crazy. Back in the days of WoW, it was usually night elves that would hop like crazy.

    There should be some kind of penalty for excessive and annoying jumping. Lower your hit points or stamina — either would work and put an end to it. Either that or the jump mechanic needs to have a long refresh cycle on.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who is sick of PUGs and the morons that often epitomize them.

  5. The entire reason I quit MMOs was in your very last sentence:

    ” I know I could’ve quit, but when you invest an hour of time into a dungeon run that took you 45 minutes to queue up for, there’s some incentive to stay put.”

    There is something so wrong in that. Not fun at all.

  6. Interesting that there should be 45 minute queues, in a game that allegedly was going to avoid grouping hassles due to the extreme flexibility of classes..

  7. Claw has a point though Syp, doesn’t he? Any 5 Rift players should, in theory, cover the roles comfortably. I also found that the Rift community wasn’t anything like as unpleasant to tanks as the WoW community. So why aren’t people checking those boxes? Has WoW trained people not to?

    As for this jerk always /ignore such people. It’s nice to know you’ll never ever meet them again.

  8. Yeah, when I first played WoW, the inanity of the idiots was unbearable. I came from a PC RPG background. When I play LOTRO, the maturity levels are much higher. I am looking forward to playing SWTOR, but I am probably only going to do group stuff with my RL friends that will play. If I don’t, I will take frequent breaks and come back to LOTRO where people have common sense and manners, because I get the feeling SWTOR will have a BUNCH of 12-year-old minds playing.

  9. @Stabs – It honestly comes down to tanking. If people don’t have a tank spec and aren’t willing to queue as a tank, it doesn’t matter how many or few players there are in the grouping system, there’s going to be a delay. And, honestly, not everyone likes to tank. I know I don’t.

  10. I love to tank. If I could, I would be main tank for everyone!

    Problem is, the way these games are set up, if you aren’t a gear hound and are all decked out, you just can’t tank.

    Sorry, I don’t want to devote my game life to gearing up.

  11. Next time whisper the group leader – i’m sure you werent the only one annoyed.

    And I know even a couple months ago when i still played, people were already levelling/gearing up alts and wanted to break away from the role they played regularly with there mains. Thus people unchecking the tank/healer boxes so they could just enjoy some carefree dps/support.

  12. Stabs – yes, in theory you can put together 5 random players and they should be able to cover all of the roles. However, not every player takes advantage of the role system to have multiple builds, and not all who do put together healer and tank builds. Also, with the dungeon finder you have to flag which role(s) you want to play. In some ways, it was easier building groups manually – when you had 4 players and couldn’t find a tank, one of the guys might agree to swap roles and then you could announce you were looking for DPS instead. With the dungeon finder, the group doesn’t get put together until all 5 spots are filled so that negotiation can’t happen.

    Personally, I have tank builds on my cleric and warrior but I never queue as a tank or main healer (although I’ll slip into either role if asked to). As long as I’m prone to random baby aggro I’d rather not be in a role that the group absolutely depends on – it’s a lot easier for a DPS or support to get distracted than it is for the tank or main healer. Also, when I do tank I tend to take it slow and cautious, and I don’t really need the stress of having some ADHD kid yelling GOGOGO in chat at me.

  13. Lmao, this made me laugh! x) thanks for sharing it.
    And some people are just childish like that. sounds like a very immature clown you ended up grouped with. it could be worse though…he could’ve thrown /lick emotes your way. 😉

  14. Bunny hopping I can ignore, but the PVP-esque taunting is really out of place in any cooperative game. Also how could he/she not be bored just casting the odd buff?

    I’ve noticed the ‘WoW-like’ nature of the community in Rift of late. It seems to have deteriorated a bit since launch. I did pug a couple of dungeons early on and they were good experiences but now I often see selfish and annoying behaviour in invasions.

    I’d agree with the other commenter above re: LoTRO, my best experience of a general community in any MMO to date has been in that game.

  15. @Telwyn Sounds pretty clear that he was a leech. Buffing to avoid getting kicked out while grabbing all the loot as others fought.

    My bad pug of the weekend was the fellow who insisted on being leader, then idled for several minutes with one spot to fill, then came back and said we needed a healer after we’d been suggesting a particular person to invite for the past 5 minutes, a 33 healer for a level 25 run. Then he said no, we needed a level 21, followed a couple of minutes later by him bringing in a level 65. Fearless Leader then raced past all side rooms, payed no attention when the 65 had to idle for a moment, may or may not have been responsible for pulling an entire room at the middle boss (I couldn’t tell who did it), and the moment the boss went down and he’d grabbed his loot, called for everyone to come on and join him at the next doorway while the rest of us were still trying to get the loot chest that can only be used by one person at a time.

    He left the 65 behind again in the next area, left a couple of players (myself included) behind STILL FIGHTING in a corridor while he raced towards the next, then lost connection halfway to the final fight. We finished the final fight smoothly without him, then went back to pick up the side quest rooms he’d bypassed, and he logged on about then and after learning where we were on things announced he needed that side quest too. Then he insisted everyone join him at the side room he was standing before, which had ONE of the creatures we needed for the quest (plus others of non-quest types), despite us telling him that 3 of us were standing at a room with FOUR of the creature we needed. So the others went down to the room he insisted everyone go to, but I was too annoyed so I just plopped down a double trap and proceded to wipe out 3.75 of them solo (could have finished the fourth by myself easily enough, but the others arrived at the room and joined in when I had him at 1/4 health or so, so I credit them with .25 kill. :> )

  16. Lol, I had a jumper in my last pug in CC, a rogue, who helped, but on the 2nd to last named, they jumped right off the cliff and into the lava while we were setting up. Although it was a hassle cause he had to run all the way back, it was actually quite funny for the rest of us…after that he didn’t jump around anymore.

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