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Quote of the Day: The WHAT period?

“World of Warcraft isn’t the only MMO with kickin’ raptor mounts: EverQuest has some of the fiercest looking dinos this side of the Crustacean period for you to ride around on.”

~ PC Gamer

9 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: The WHAT period?

  1. They already corrected it to “Cretaceous,” but – that was my laugh for the evening. 🙂

  2. When crabs ruled the earth.

    I actually used a crab for a long time as my hunter’s pet back in WoW and it made a terrific tank. It had higher armour than the more ubiquitous bear and it was an aggro magnet. Sadly Blizzard subsequently nerfed the threat output of a crab’s claw skill but I still have fond memories of my shell clad protector.

  3. Vanguard has a Battle Lobster mount. You aren’t limited to red, either. There’s blue, green, purple, even black. Sadly, there is no ‘rock’ option.

  4. Like Victor, it took me a second to get it (reading the title entirely would’ve helped, instead of just “quote of the day”, eh?), but once I did, laughed hysterically. Good catch!

  5. @Dalamyr

    I can only support the inclusion of Rock Lobsters if they come with a solemn vow to include the Paper Tiger and Scissors Lizard in the near future.

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