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It’s not the size of the monitor, it’s how you use it

So with this month’s allowance, I splurged on something I’ve wanted for some time now: a second monitor.  And not just any monitor, but a really, really small one.  On Tuesday, it finally arrived from Amazon:

I first became interested in these mini-monitors when I saw them up on a while back, and I thought to myself that they might be incredibly useful.  My problem is that my desk is just about as wide as you see right there — I have no space for a second regular-sized monitor — and I often keep having to tab out of games to check mail, twitter, and monitor other things for work.  Having a second (7″)  monitor would alleviate the need to be constantly doing that, and I didn’t need a huge one to fill that need.

Plus, sometimes I just like being able to watch YouTube or Netflix while I play, and the TV is too far out of my field of vision to be useful.  So this little guy is able to be situated right below my main monitor so that all I have to do is flick my eyes down to check on things.  As an added bonus, it both hooks up to the computer and is solely powered by USB, which made installation a breeze.

I feel slightly dorky for having gotten it, but I’ve already gotten a huge amount of use out of it over the past couple days, so I feel like it was a smart investment.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to watch Futurama while grinding?

15 thoughts on “It’s not the size of the monitor, it’s how you use it

  1. Since that’s USB powered, does it not need a video card that supports a second monitor? Theoretically, could it then be used as a third monitor?

    If so, my mind is blown.

  2. I got it from Amazon, and yes, those are icons. I have many of them.

    I’m not throwing any games on the second monitor, but the computer handles everything else just fine, including video. It really does expand my desktop nicely.

  3. Looks good to me.

    I have a two monitor setup and I love it for all the reasons you give. I also find it increases my work productivity by allowing me to open multiple documents side by side.

    However the side by side monitor approach feels a bit awkward when you have to turn your head to look at the second screen. Just looking down seems far more natural.

    What is the resolution on the small screen? I am wondering how it would handle a wide excel spreadsheet for example. Obviously the characters are a lot smaller but it is closer to your eyes so that should compensate a bit.

    Biggest two monitor gripe: Why do most games insist on having focus when you make them full screen? If you tab out to a browser for example the game minimises even if the browser is on a separate display.

  4. It’s an *awful* lot easier to listen to the radio while you grind than to watch another screen. Actually, I have enough trouble even doing that…

  5. Having to buy another screen to watch while grinding… Yay for consumerism!

    All of this just reeks to me of wrongness. If something I want to do is not engaging me fully, I don’t buy something else to distract me from the reason why it’s not satisfying me, I find something else that *does* engage me fully.

    Man. If this is the future of gaming, I’m out for sure. 😦

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