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Wasting Time in the Wastelands

I have to admit that it’s becoming *incredibly* hard to play anything other than Fallen Earth during this past week.  Part of that is just the new-ish feeling of coming back to it all, part is needing to get some alone time from MMOs I’ve been playing nonstop for months now, and part is the wonderful flavor that is Fallen Earth.

It’s small things, like being able to go in a majority of the structures — something most MMOs, strangely enough, deny to the player.  Or the funny voice quotes, or the fact that the game really isn’t about combat as it is a journey.  Combat right now is usually two or three quick shots of my rifle before an enemy drops (and way before they hit me).  But conserving ammo, going for headshots, and sneaking my way through enemy camps becomes more fun for it because each encounter isn’t going to suck up a minute or two of combat time.

The big question hanging over the heads — and being constantly discussed on the chat channels — is the F2P conversion.  This is scheduled for somewhere between October and December, and GamersFirst has yet to lay out solid plans for it all.  The closest I’ve seen comes from Creep the Prophet, who relays this membership chart.  The chart doesn’t have any prices attached, although we’ll assume that the far left is completely F2P with the three to the right being various subscription levels.

Looking this over, I think I’m perfectly okay going with the F2P plan with occasional store purchases.  It’s pretty generous, to be honest, with the most major restrictions being in crafting (fewer hours and slower progress), money cap, no global chat, and only one character slot.  For me, that’s perfect — and what I do get (like the entire game) is more than enough for me to put up with the restrictions.

So what have I been up to?  Yeti Yesterday is now level 9 and in her third starter town (Clinton FARM and Midway are down, and I’m in the midst of Boneclaw, which I never saw during my last stint in the game).  My plan is to finish up the starter towns and then head to Embry Crossroads, going on from there.  There’s really no rush, and in fact the slower I take it the better off I am, since I’ll get more AP and be able to work on all of my crafting/salvaging a lot more.

Most of my current gear is crafted, although I’ve gotten the odd quest reward (such as shoulders) that is better than anything I could make.  I was really pleased to discover one quest chain awarding a pet cockroach, who will now join my pet hermit crab in my stable.

My only regret is not finding a good clan yet, as I’m hampered by being out of the zone most of the established playerbase is in, not having global chat (being in the trial), and not wanting to spend time combing through the forums.  It’ll happen, though.

6 thoughts on “Wasting Time in the Wastelands

  1. I can’t wait for FE to go F2p. I just have too many MMOs on my plate already to justify subbing, but I’d really like to be able to drop in for a few hours here and there each week. I want to play my old character, though. I put in a lot of work on him while I was playing!

  2. I can’t wait to get back in the Wasteland, either. Classes wrap up this week for me (this year, at least), so I’ll be getting back in the game in short order! The quest text and lore for this game really is top-notch. The FPS style of play is fun and engaging, and I really hope a lot of people give it a go when it turns F2P.

  3. I’m glad you’re still enjoying Fallen Earth. I don’t think they have a price structure yet, I’m pretty sure they still have to finalize the tiers first. I’m sure as soon as they do we’ll know.

    Hopefully I’ll get a chance to get back into the game sometime soon myself. Hit me up on my toon Geistig.

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