The more I play Guild Wars, the more I wish it was Guild Wars 2

I know I’ve read some grousing about how a segment of the Guild Wars community is rankled that ArenaNet stopped actively developing for the game (outside of much smaller updates) in favor of throwing resources at Guild Wars 2.  And to this I have to say, “What are you ON?”

(Fun fact: ArenaNet was actually well into development of a fourth campaign/expansion called Utopia, which was slated for a spring 2007 release.  You can read more on it over at Guild Wars Wiki.)

In many respects, Guild Wars is a terrific game.  The visuals are still extremely attractive, the skill building design gives characters endless possibilities, the one-time cost and ease of grouping lowered barriers of entry, and there’s just a huge amount of content in there to be explored.  Still, it’s not perfect — far from it, actually.  For all that there is to be enjoyed, there are plenty of annoyances as well, and I’m not just talking about lack of a jump button here.  I’m liking the missions less and less as I go on, probably because I absolutely suck at them and get stressed out trying to finish the masters/bonus and failing repeatedly.  I just feel hemmed in by the game’s design a lot, and have become increasingly eager to simply move on to Guild Wars 2.

It’s good to go through the story now, for sure, because it’s given me more of an understanding about the backstory and world of the game.  And my primary goal — earning Hall of Monument points — will hopefully pay off when GW2 launches.  But honestly?  It’s a whole lot of work for what will probably be relatively small rewards down the line, and I’m not sure that it was worth doing for just that alone.

I don’t want to be too down on my time in Guild Wars, because I did get involved with one of the most helpful guilds I’ve ever experienced.  Every time I got stuck on a mission, members just dropped what they were doing to come help out, turning a stressful session into a lot of fun (running a mission with guildies feels like “easy mode” to me).  And I’m pleased to realize that I’m growing closer to the final steps in this project as GW2’s release — I’m betting spring of next year — draws near.

I am going to stop at 15 HoM points, however.  15 points gets me some beginner gear, a few weapons, two non-combat pets, a Ranger pet, and some titles.  That’s enough.  I figure the tally will end up like this:

  • (5+3) Honor: 3 for linking accounts, 2 for campaigns (3 more points if I figure out how to get the last two titles, maybe lightbringer/sunspear)
  • (5) Devotion: 1 for rare mini (have), 1 for unique mini (have), 3 for 20 minis (have)
  • (5) Fellowship: 1 for rare pet (heading for that right now), 1 for regular pet, 3 for upgraded companions
  • (0) Resilience/Valour: Honestly, I have no idea right now how easy/hard these armors and weapons are to come by, so if I can’t buy them outright I may skip ’em

Guild Wars experts, I’d love to hear your suggestions if I’m overlooking the obvious!

I am growing concerned that I’m running out of time, looking at what’s coming down the pike in MMO land, such as LOTRO’s expansion, SWTOR, and whatnot.  So if I’m going to finish this I need to be faithful about doing it instead of my sporadic one to two logins a week.

10 thoughts on “The more I play Guild Wars, the more I wish it was Guild Wars 2

  1. You can just buy several of the armors; make sure it is the elite version. That’s an easy extra point. It’s also pretty straightforward to get one destroyer weapon (buy gems and then get them crafted, iirc) for another couple of points. The downside of both of these is that they are likely to be expensive.

  2. I am back in Guild Wars for the same reason – those Hall of Monuments points. But I am also genuinely enjoying the game. It helps that my account was hacked, and when I recovered it, was full of green and gold weapons, gems, armor fragments and the like, which is making my pursuit of HoM points somewhat easier. I lost all my minis though. 😦

    I am really excited about GW2!

  3. I thought about working my Guild Wars account for HoM points, but then I thought, why? Presumably GW2 isn’t designed to require this. Won’t there be many, many GW2 players who never played GW1?

    Will I even notice if I don’t have these extra points?

  4. @bhagpuss

    You won’t really notice. This is just for a few starting items, cosmetics, mini pets (although I think there are a couple ranger pets in there as well), and titles. Nothing you will need to play GW2, but nice things for someone who is in GW to be able to earn.

  5. I had the impression (I wish I could remember how this formed so I could support it more) that some of the items would still be viable later on in character advancement. These would be likely to include higher point rewards such as the Fire God’s Vambraces.

  6. Personally I don’t bother with Hall of Monuments more than I might end up receiving when I play the game anyway.

    Too much focus on these points just sound like a sure way to kill the enjoyment of the game.

  7. 20 minis? Sounds like you’ve already spent rather more money than it would cost to buy armour for your HoM!

    I’m up to 18/50 from just playing the game since I picked it up a few months ago.

    * 6 in Fellowship (2 rare pets, 8 upgraded companions).
    * 8 in Honor (linked campaigns, Protector titles from beating all three campaigns’ missions in normal mode)
    * 2 in Resilience (three elite armour sets crafted so far, Prophecies ones that just took 50 plat and mats I’d collected through play)
    * 2 in Valor (Oppressor’s weapon from playing the War in Kryta storyline)
    * 0 in Devotion (haven’t bought any minis and getting one any other way seems to be a one in a million chance, until you start hitting characters’ birthdays)

  8. I remember DAoC had this item for those that hit some goal in the game (can’t remeber what goal anymore). It was no-trade, and character specific, and once you equipped it, a small glowy green ball appeared on your toons palm. Added no stats, was all epeen, but if you had it it was a sign of in-game street cred of sorts. I can see the HoM being this and those that work at it probably wont regret the effort once GW2 rolls around.

  9. My partner and I are duoing through Prophecies now to do a bit of HoM farming. Actually more than anything I want to finish the main story and understand any references in GW2 to GW1 content. I have to say it’s slow going. I can live without jump, or the strict ability limit; but I find the horribly limiting pathing of areas so annoying ( the ‘oh so I have to go miles out of my way because I can’t step over a root !?!’ type pathing )

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