Quote of the Day

“If your a woman with a scar, or missing limb, you can kiss your romantic life good buy.”

~ Massively commenter

The more I read this quote, the more I’m hypnotized by its layers.

17 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. The best part is that he tried to edit his post and the only word he fixed was good buy “goodbye”.

  2. I think the best quote out of that thread is:

    “They’re pets you can /fadetoblack with. That’s all they are.”

    I find it humorously accurate for an obnoxious percentage of the people on the SWTOR forums.

  3. There is a LOT of stupid out there folks… sometimes the best you can do is to just not get any on you as you move through the day…

    In the case of the author of that quote; at least they are providing a clear, unmistakable indication of the phenomenal degree of stupid you could be dealing with if you have to interact with them… makes it easier to duck if you can see it coming.

  4. I’ve got the “shallow and illiterate” layer and the “shallow and ironic (but probably not actually intended by the poster)” layer. Am I missing anything?

    Asmiroth – if he fixed his spelling then I’m afraid it’s collapsed down to one layer “so shallow I don’t hold surface tension”

  5. Interestingly, I’m probably the only person here who has ever seriously considered a woman who had a facial scar from a farming accident. But by all means continue to do your White Knight dance. However unrealistic the actually scarred women know your behavior is IN FACT. It’ll “impress”(hee-hee) the other women who aren’t scarred, so there is that.

    As for the woman herself, depends on the product she’s selling.

    If it’s a marriage where the only thing she will bring is sex…. which will only occur when she wants it to, and when you are a good doggy, then I’m certain this is normally the case.

    Of course, most women are smart enough to modify the hard entitlement in such an extreme situation. Or at least try.

  6. I am now Whatever’s disciple, clearly he is very wise indeed. Because the beginning of wisdom is that you know nothing, and Whatever don’t know shit.

  7. @ Stabs: Stabs my friend, I never for a moment considered that Syp was condoning the odd behavior of the quote. My comment was directed at the original author.

    And just to prove the original author wrong – the following women all had scars:

    Elizabeth Taylor
    Catherine Zeta-Jones
    Sandra Bullock
    Sharon Stone

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