LOTRO: Running with the deer

After a lengthy ordeal involving me, the LOTRO patcher, and a police stand-off, I finally got Rise of Isengard loaded onto my computer and logged in to experience the wonder and majesty of… crap, did it just crash?  It did, didn’t it.

It wasn’t the smoothest launch day, to say the least.

But when the dust settled and I got in, there was enormous fun to be had.  Our kinship was overflowing, the GLFF channel was scrolling by so fast, and I barely knew where first to go.  Since LI points had been reset, I spent some time working on those and figuring out where all my skill buttons went (since several skills got consolidated).  Once everything got sussed out, I headed down into Dunland after a completely unnecessary Book 4 intro detour into a part of Enedwaith that is tedious to travel to and didn’t really need to be visited other than to high-five a quest giver and leave.

Rise of Isengard offers you the choice of one of two starter clans to help out, so I went with the Clan of the Stag and spent the evening wrapped up in their plight.  I don’t know if Enedwaith was just so substandard or if I’m way into the expansion vibe, but I got completely sucked into the story being told there.  It wasn’t just Generic Quest Hub #164, but a village with a real tale to be told… and even though I was incredibly tired, I stayed up as late as possible to help them out.

I’m pretty psyched to get back home today and play.  I can already tell that LOTRO is going to dominate my gaming time for a while to come, and that’s just fine — Guild Wars and Fallen Earth will be there when I get back.  I’m surprised just how fast the XP was coming; after just a couple hours of play, I’d already gained a half level and seen plenty of folks hit 66 and 67.  One kinnie actually saved up a full quest log of turnins to get a jump on the “race.”

Good stuff.  Loving the new armor and the additional stories — hope this feeling continues throughout the expansion!

2 thoughts on “LOTRO: Running with the deer

  1. If a well established MMO like LOTRO can’t manage the launch day without significant hiccups (some are naturally expected), are you sure you want to play SW:TOR on December 20? 😛

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