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September Survey Results

This monthly what-MMO-are-you-playing survey isn’t anything remotely scientific or probably fair, but I’m just curious what Bio Break readers are playing and wanted to get a finger on the current gamer pulse, so to speak.  So without further ado, the top ten (which is actually more like top 15 with the ties):

  1. Lord of the Rings Online (127 votes)
  2. [tie] World of Warcraft and RIFT (68 votes apiece)
  3. Guild Wars (37 votes)
  4. [tie] EverQuest II and City of Heroes (25 votes apiece)
  5. Champions Online (23 votes)
  6. EVE Online (19 votes)
  7. [tie] Age of Conan and Star Trek Online (17 votes apiece)
  8. Fallen Earth (14 votes)
  9. [tie] Warhammer Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online (11 votes apiece)
  10. [tie] World of Tanks, Star Wars: The Old Republic beta, Aion (6 votes apiece)

By and far, LOTRO had the most votes, which you can chalk up to (a) its continued popularity, (b) this month’s expansion, and (c) a good chunk of LOTRO fans who read this blog.  Take your pick.  RIFT and WoW are battling for the #2 spot, and Guild Wars has a decent third place showing (are people trying hard for their Hall of Monuments points, like myself?).

I’m most surprised to see Warhammer Online on the list, since I’d long assumed that fell out of favor, but hey, that’s cool!  Champions is another shocker, a mere couple of votes down from City of Heroes (and way, waaaay above DCUO).  Out of this list of 15 titles, one is in beta, one is buy-and-play forever, seven are F2P or have F2P options (with two more about to make the switch — Fallen Earth and STO), and the rest subscriptions.

Other interesting results:

  • No readers play RuneScape?  At all?
  • DCUO and EverQuest tied for a measly 3 votes apiece… I don’t know if that’s sadder for EQ or DCUO.
  • 3 votes of “None”
  • 3 votes for FFXIV, so apparently some people are still playing it!
  • Cool to see write-ins for a wide variety of titles, including DAoC, Vanguard, Star Wars Galaxies, Runes of Magic, Dragon Nest, Forsaken World, Vindictus, Anarchy Online, WURM Online, Hellgate, Perpetuum, Eden Eternal, League of Legends, Puzzle Pirates, Need for Speed: World, Star Legends, Age of Empires Online, Global Agenda, Free Realms, and Pirates of the Burning Sea

It’ll be interesting to see what next month brings!

10 thoughts on “September Survey Results

  1. I have an account on LEGO Universe – don’t see it on your list anywhere 😦

    LOTRO is taking up all of my time, though. I’m working on unlocking all of the game through TP on my premium account.

  2. As one of the three people who are playing DCUO (no choice, lifetimer!) and EQ1, I’m not surprised to see those two get so few votes. EQ’s community has become really insular and, while just waiting for Veil of Alaris to be released, the folks still playing are essentially marking time.

    DCUO’s playerbase being largely console gamers, I dunno how active consolers are on blog sites or online communities in general.

    I also wrote in for Runes of Magic but I didn’t really play that. I logged in twice, noticed the economy is still pure (poop) and didn’t log in again. But the question was, what MMOs have you played in September and logging in twice qualifies (I guess).

    I’m going to wait until the initial hiccups for Isengard are worked out and then I’ll check out LOTRO (again, no choice. Founder’s Club).

  3. Mostly I have been playing the “training game” in Eve Online while I finish Fallout New Vegas. I had a lifetime subscription to Lotro back when but I am almost afraid to log on – mostly this is because I assume I will be stuck alone in the world while everyone else races toward Isengard leaving me to brave Mirkwood all by my lonesome.

    Just like Hewey Louis and the news once sang…”I want a new drug.” But I don’t want to wait until December 20th I need it NOW…NOW!!!

  4. There is a shining beacon of light on the horizon called GW2…
    right now, I’m just slogging through the darkness until I reach that light.

  5. Well I mean you are Massively top guy for LOTRO so I’d imagine a lot of traffic from over there ends up here. I am just surprised by the Guild Wars numbers, seems like a lot of players still play it.

  6. I have no idea what it is about Forsaken World but I found it quite entertaining when I’d played it.

    Most of my time is spent playing Lotro and Guild Wars at the moment, though. And yes, Guild Wars is partly there because of my Hall of Monument points, but also because I haven’t seen all of the story yet and I’d like to do that. 🙂

  7. I put in votes for LOTRO, Champions Online, and City of Heroes.

    I was surprised not to find Pirates of the Burning Sea on the list. Been playing that a lot the last couple of weeks, since I got lured back in by the Talk Like a Pirate Day quest. It deserves a spot on your next poll, Syp.

    I’m less surprised not to find Battlestar Galactica Online on the list. But I did play it in September.

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