Quote of the Day

“I think Blizzard needs to think things over before doing such dramatic changes on such a constant basis. Heroics are hard…. Heroics are not hard! Over complicating stats, combining stats…. It gets to a point where it feels like we’re dealing with one of those plastic surgery addicts… We never know what things are going to look like after going under the knife so many times. With each patch and expansion I feel like I recognize my characters less and less.”

~ ETCmmo.com

4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. While I can appriciate this perspective, I personally enjoy the things you complain about. If the game had stayed the same for its entire existance I would have left long ago.

  2. This has been frustrating me since BC, and it seems like the pace just keeps picking up. I understand wanting to keep the game fresh and classes balanced, but I tend to settle on a particular class and spec because I like the playstyle. When they started changing the class playstyles every few months, I started to wonder why I bothered playing.

  3. I agree with Thurro. I think Blizzard’s constant changing of game mechanics and playstyle has kept WoW fresh and interesting. I only recently quit playing, but I would have grown bored long before were it not for the many changes to the UI, talents, spells, and pretty much everything. The one thing I have grown very bored with is the holy trinity style of grouping…and unfortunatly that is why I might not play SWTOR at all.

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