Recharging the Batteries

If I’ve learned anything from playing MMOs over the years, it’s to listen to what my body is telling me when it comes to gaming.  It boils down to this: If I’m interested and excited about playing, I play.  If it feels more like an obligation, routine, or (worse) a stifling chore, I don’t.

That’s harder to follow than you’d think.  For one thing, my free gaming time isn’t what it used to be, so when I do have a couple hours here or there, I almost feel guilty not playing — that I’m wasting what little time I have.  It doesn’t make logical sense, not really, but it’s still a compelling factor.  It’s so easy to get in that mindset of wanting or needing to invest time into games on a daily basis that it almost seems weird not to.

But usually your subconscious and body know better than you do, which is why at times I get this feeling like I just don’t want to play.  I need to step away, to recharge my batteries, to do something else for a while.  And, if you haven’t guessed, that’s been my life for the past week or two.  I’m not burned out or anything, but I recognize that if I don’t take a break, I could.

The good thing is that when the desire to comes back — and it will — I get to game with renewed gusto and interest.  I am dying to finish up Rise of Isengard and to push further into Fallen Earth, and it’s starting to chafe that SWTOR isn’t here yet.  BOW TO MY WHIMS, UNIVERSE!

In the meanwhile, I’m spending more time reading, enjoying the benefits of the flu (oh, my joints!), and sorting out a lot of work stuff to get ready for my upcoming vacation.  Progress!

4 thoughts on “Recharging the Batteries

  1. Get well soon, Syp. Knowing when to hold ’em is fine, but knowing when to fold ’em is better. It’s good to see the self-control needed for healthy balance. A hasty recovery, good sir!

  2. Heyo. Hope you feel better.

    Rest and recharge. Despite my sub to WoW, I’m actually thinking it’s not that great to play anymore.

    So I might recharge by having Skyrim as my go-to game. 😀

  3. I find I spend almost as much time blogging as playing at the moment. I pretty much expected that, which was one of the reasons I took so long getting my blog started. I know that wouldn’t be the case if I’d just started playing some great new MMO, though.

    I agree that it’s best just to follow your inclination and ramp up or scale down according to how you feel at any given time. Applies to any voluntary activity, really.

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