6 thoughts on “Stand up and salute the best MMO quest of all time!

  1. This is the second time recently I’ve seen this quest highlighted on a blog. Extra points for actually calling it “Kill Ten Rats” but I think the same joke has been made in most MMOs I’ve played in the last few years. I’ve started rolling my eyes at the supposed satire when i come across a new version. I’m going to start noting them down as I find them for future reference.

    I’m as much for postmodernism and metafiction as the next guy, but I’m not convinced that it best serves the purpose of MMO questing.

  2. I think my favorite reference to the hated “kill ten rats” quest is in DDO. I wish I could remember the exact text, but the questgiver is a dwarf hanging out in a bar. He asks you to go down into the sewers and kill 10 rats, then laughs and says he’s just kidding.

    I suppose I may have dreamed it all up, though, as I can’t find that text noted anywhere online.

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