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Make up an award! Be a star!

I’ve been hard at work on this year’s Flushies awards for next week, and I wanted to try something new this year.  One of the days of awards will be reader-submitted.  As in, you make up the award, and you tell me who won it.  The whole package.

So I’m asking for people to send me in their award categories AND winners to!

Here’s the thing: Don’t be normal.  Don’t be bland.  Don’t do “Best MMO.”  Do something strange, weird, offbeat, and interesting to you.

Let’s see what we can come up with this year!  Thanks in advance!

11 thoughts on “Make up an award! Be a star!

  1. And the award for “Resurrected Gaming Douchebag Who Thinks Awfully Highly Of Himself Since He Hasn’t Done Anything Relevant For A Decade” goes to …

    Richard Garriott, aka Richard Garriott de Cayeux, aka Lord British, aka That Big Dumb Douchenozzle!

    Congratulations! Sir Richard can’t be here tonight as he’s busy telling the entire world how they should play their games and that his ‘ultimate RPG’ is better than anything you could have ever dreamed of, so I’ll accept for him. Thank you!

  2. Best Simulation of Queues Usually Only Seen In Such Places As Disneyland:

    Star Wars: The Old Republic!

  3. How about the Mythic Award for Most Server Closures?

    Too bad SGW beat out Warhammer for that distinction this year. Maybe they’ll do better in 2012.

  4. @Victor
    I nominate Tython.

    How about butterfly milking in Glitch for “creepiest crafting skill”?

    There’s just something so unsettling about getting special lotion to message and then milk a butterfly.

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