2011 Flushies: Readers’ Choice Awards

Another new experiment in the Flushies legacy, the Readers’ Choice Awards!  In our last round of Flushies, I asked Bio Break readers to submit their own awards — and winners — in categories that they themselves made up.  It’s far more entertaining than anything I could’ve written, so let’s see what you all created!

Hardest Working Live Team: Star Trek Online

Many MMG Live Teams content themselves with patching in a handful of quests and balance tweaks quests every few months. STO’s Live Team has added the ability to walk around your ship, make DIY missions, play minigames, assign duties to each and every member of your “lower decks” crew, and voice chat with other players.

All this while doing ground-up redesigns of ground combat, the skill system, crafting, and the quest log. (From Chris Letoile)

Most Fantastic Bug: Hangame deletes an entire MMO

This would be an award given to the game who has a glitch of fantastic proportions, such as WoW’s Corrupted Blood plague of ’05, or the Faldor Massacre of ’06. As far as winners go, I would probably give it to M2, which was accidentally obliterated about a month ago (you wrote the Massively article on the incident, I believe.) However, I’m not really happy with this choice, and feel that there might be a better fantastic MMO glitch out there.  If you know of any better ones that occurred this year, do tell. (From Kyle Connor)

Best Drunken Effects: Lord of the Rings Online

LotRO wins it hands down!  I almost throw up every festival time doing the pub crawl quests, it’s awesome!! (From James Hoysa)

Creepiest Crafting Skill: Butterfly milking in Glitch

There’s just something so unsettling about getting special lotion to message and then milk a butterfly. (From Psnacky)

Most Server Closures: Star Wars Galaxies

Too bad SGW beat out Warhammer for that distinction this year. Maybe they’ll do better in 2012. (From Attic Lion)

Best Simulation of Queues Usually Only Seen In Such Places As Disneyland: Star Wars: The Old Republic

(From Moridir)

Resurrected Gaming D-bag Who Thinks Awfully Highly Of Himself Since He Hasn’t Done Anything Relevant For A Decade: Richard Garriott, aka Richard Garriott de Cayeux, aka Lord British

Congratulations! Sir Richard can’t be here tonight as he’s busy telling the entire world how they should play their games and that his ‘ultimate RPG’ is better than anything you could have ever dreamed of, so I’ll accept for him. Thank you! (From Targeter)

Best player vs devs combat: Jita 4-4 Revolt in EVE

(From Jaggins)

3 thoughts on “2011 Flushies: Readers’ Choice Awards

  1. Butterfly-milking was one of several reasons I only lasted a couple of days in Glitch. Thinking about it makes me feel nauseous. Several other things about Glitch turned my stomach, too.

  2. It’s too bad they had to sully the awesome drunken haze thing in LotRO by adding all those horrible sounds that repeat on a 5 second loop til the end of time.

    My hobbit lass instantly converted to teetotalism after I heard the terrible “drowning baby” gurgling that came out of my speakers when I came back in April. How’s my girl supposed to get her funs now Turbine?

    Bloody bastards.


    I’m glad my server thing made it on there. Though I’m kinda expecting SWTOR will win next year after they have several tens-of-thousands people vanish after the free month. Poor Warhammer can’t even win in death.

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