SWTOR: A new episode

You really only get one first time through the game, any game.  Any subsequent journey, no matter how hard you try to gun for different experiences, will never be as fresh and unknown as that original trek.  It’s just how it goes.

So rerolling a Jedi Consular (despite my dislike of Force classes, I’ve got a plan mapped out for how I’m going through all eight classes, so the Consular was next on the hit list) wasn’t quite the experience my Agent was on that first planet.  But it’s not half-bad, either.  Tython is quite easy on the eyes, and it amuses me to think that of all of the places in the galaxy to set up shop after getting their butts handed to them, the Jedi decided to camp out right next to flesh-eating cannibals.  (Aside: Is it really cannibalism if you’re eating a completely different — if sentient — species?)

My disdain for the Jedi Counsel knows no bounds, so I’m quite happy subverting it at every turn.  You two Padawans want to suck face?  Go for it!  Emotion?  Awesome!  I forget who pointed this out, but I agree — both the Sith and Jedi are screwed up because neither embrace love as a core virtue, so I really can’t respect either.

Probably the weirdest thing about rerolling in SWTOR is getting used to a new voice.  I went with the male Consular because I want to check out the romance (well, a bug-free version of it, at least), but I’m not quite sure if I like the voice actor (Nolan North).  His sound clips don’t seem to mesh as well with the conversation track as my Agent did, but it also just could be a period of adjustment.  I made him be a Mirakula for the fun of it, and it’s interesting trying to identify with a character that you never see his eyes.

As for the class itself, I’m not disliking it.  I’m planning on going DPS with the Sage, and after leveling a healer, it feels like a refreshing change to just focus on pumping out the pain.  It was kind of cool to get my first lightsaber and companion, although I really could do without going back to a very… slow… jog… after having my +100% vehicle.  Sprint can’t come back soon enough.

So we’ll see how it goes.  I’m definitely in no rush, dividing most of my play sessions in 30-minute chunks between the titles I’m into these days, so any one game’s progress is slowed down considerably.

7 thoughts on “SWTOR: A new episode

  1. Dwism February 22, 2012 / 8:22 am

    Starting with Agent might have ruined you for all the other classes (and is why I am saving her for last). Every thread/comment/post I’ve seen, hints that the Agent has the absolutely best story.
    Councillor story left me feeling numb and uninterested, but good luck with that 🙂

  2. pkudude99 February 22, 2012 / 9:12 am

    I’m running a pure Balance dps sage right now. Got it to level 25 last night and damn I feel powerful with it. I solo Heroic 2+ missions with ease, and still capable of healing a Heroic 4 if I have to. It’s a ton of fun for me!

    Story’s all right. I don’t think it’s bad, but it’s not really one that makes me go “I wonder what happens next” either. I’m told it gets quite good in the 2nd chapter, but I’m not there yet, so … time will tell.

  3. rowan February 22, 2012 / 9:38 am

    My Consular, Ro’wan, (still on Tython) generally goes light; though I could make her dark I suppose, given that she’s modeled on my Main from WoW, who started as shadow and eventually repec’d disc, before the dual spec stuff. Anyway, I’ve fully given in to my altoholism, playing a little bit of each toon at a time. My highest level is in a holding pattern for a bit, even though he’s only just past Chapter 1.

  4. Leyxa February 22, 2012 / 10:58 am

    Consular story is fine. The transition between Chapter 1 and 2 is terrible, but taken on their own they’re solid. Keep in mind that as a Jedi Consular you’re not only a diplomat, but also a scholar of the Force and you may find the storyline more engrossing.

    The Consular companions on the other hand, are a rather lousy lot. You start with the rather interesting (albeit incredibly ugly) Qyzen Fess but it takes a quick step off a cliff with Tharan Cedrax — the most egotistical companion I’ve ever dealt with (and tragically the most useful for a Shadow). Zenith is belligerent and Iresso is about as dull as a rock (you may or may not like him because of that). Nadia Grell is likeable because of her naivete and eagerness. There’s nobody as fun as Kaliyo, as weird as Vector, as suspect as Lokin or as sinisterly adorable as Temple (seriously, Ensign Temple is insane).

    SCORPIO and Qyzen should totally get together though. They’d make a good couple, I think. Maybe. Probably not.

  5. ScytheNoire February 22, 2012 / 12:17 pm

    I completed a Jedi Shadow doing Dark Side, and it’s definitely not the best of stories, and drags on at times, but it gets better near the end.

    Of all the Republic classes, and probably Empire too, this is the one class that gets to kill more Jedi than any other class if you go the Dark route. Ya, that’s a spoiler, but not quite what you might think. Definitely work it to be evil with the Consular.

  6. Telwyn February 22, 2012 / 2:39 pm

    I’m having fun with my Consular main. Can’t compare stories as my other alts are barely out of the starter worlds. I did play a Sith Warrior to the end of Dromund Kaas in beta but wouldn’t say the Consular story is bad in comparison.

    Companions so far, well I’m healer spec so I have to take Qyzen pretty much, which is fine as I like his backstory. Tharan is useless to me and haven’t got to the next companion yet.

  7. Attic Lion February 23, 2012 / 12:01 pm

    I made a consular a few weeks back that I’ve been playing off and on. Thus far (through the majority of Ch1) I’d have to say that she has the same pros and cons as my smuggler. I like the characterization you can give both classes with their dialogue choices and I like the voice acting well enough, but the story is out and out BALLS (and also drags on terribly at times for the consular).

    I signed up for diplomacy and smuggling respectively, and ended up being The Chosen Seven-Hundredth-Of-Nine-Thousand and a pawn in other people’s agendas instead. I suppose both are better than ghostbusting with the Sith-ish Inquisition, but to what degree is debatable.

    At least they’re definitely above the trooper, who has a boring story and terribly uninspiring dialogue at the same time. Even Jenn Hale can’t save the trooper, which I find fitting with how bad ME3 is looking right now. The only pluses I’d give the trooper is that Air Jordan is a much better pet than Mr. Terrible Model The Lizard Man and Insufferable Whiny Idiot Farmboy plus commando is more fun to play in lowbie WZs than shadow or scoundrel.

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