My new house (#lotro )


Just in case you wanted to see pics:

My front yard -- the all-wise beaver watches over the land
I love this scarecrow design, it's so Hobbitsy!
The main room. It's definitely smaller than the deluxe Hobbit main room, and I like it for that. I wish I could find more special furniture for that center spot, though.
Side room 1, work in progress. I'm trying to put things more at an angle to take up space, and I like how the table/chair work here.
The Christmas room
Another view of the Christmas room. I may replace the green wall paint with red, since the floor is green anyway. Could use more light, too.

4 thoughts on “My new house (#lotro )

  1. I used to go around leaving beaver statues in people’s yards if they had permissions open. Love that you made sure to get your statue in the picture, lol.

  2. The only game I played in where legit player housing was implemented was SWG and I didn’t play it nearly long enough to try it out. I’ve always wondered how much I’d enjoy it.

    The house looks cool, Syp. I dig it.

  3. Thade,

    SWG had the best housing system bar none. Of course, I am a bit biased as I was the mayor of a player city, but it really meant something seeing your home out in the world and not in some instance. That said, it was sometimes abused by disgruntled players – fields and fields of harvestors with name “SOE SUCKS” spring to mind.

    I like LotRO houses, although they are way too limited for my taste. EQ2 does a better job, I think, with pretty much unlimited decorating potential. Still, I do like Syp’s house – maybe I just need to upgrade to deluxe!

  4. I ditched my deluxe hobbit home the day after I bought it, I couldn’t stand the “warehouse” feel of it. I had too much stuff to go back to a standard hobbit house, so I got a deluxe Man Home and I love it too! I have the side room fixed up as an Elf room for one of my alts, and the rest of the house is full of hobbity treasures.

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