Play Diary: Running out of juice (#lotro #swtor )

So last night something interesting happened that effectively froze my gameplay session: My keyboard stopped working.

It’s a weird story.

You see, last Christmas I asked for and received a Logitech wireless keyboard that was, among other things, solar powered.  It’s got a pair of panels at the top that recharge the batteries from sunlight and room lights, and generally it’s worked just great for me over the past three months.  What I didn’t realize until just lately, however, is that the amount of power that it was gaining every day was being outdone by how much I was draining it, causing a very slow but steady decrease in the overall battery level.  And last night it went kaput.

So I’ve either got to get a desk lamp or put this keyboard in a sunny place during the day, or else just get a new keyboard.  Because having it go out on me like this isn’t an option, and it kind of sucked to be in the middle of a game and suddenly have nothing but the mouse available.

As a result, I didn’t get much done:


My Captain is still in the midst of Enedwaith, and I don’t feel rushed to get her to Dunland before exhausting the main content.  She’s 66.5, so already I’m going to be going into Rise of Isengard at a higher level than my LM did, and that makes me happy.

Once again, I finished up the not-so-hidden Hobbit village area, and this time around I completed the deed that got me a pair of Stoor boots for my house.  I really like the idea for this village — and the music that plays in town is fantastic — but both times I’ve done this content I’ve come away underwhelmed.  You’re really not there long enough to get much of an impression from the inhabitants, and after the initial handful of quests there’s no reason to stay other than to do repeatables for XP.  Characters from the Shire stand out to me much more than any of the Hobbits here, and that’s a shame.

I also did finish up Volume III Book 2, although it was a lot less interesting the second time around.  I think I have about one quest hub and epic book left before I head to Dunland, so go me.


Before my keyboard cut out, I was having some fun on my Trooper.  I like how straight-forward the class mechanics are — just a lot of heavy firepower, explosions, and watching things die.  I’m still not sure if I’m going to stick with her or go back to my poor Smuggler, but I’ll at least get her to level 10 before going back and forth.

I do like playing her as nasty and evil as the game allows, which is kind of shockingly evil right off the bat.  That’s BioWare for you, though; sometimes shades of gray are but a fleeting thought.  Like many others I’ve read, I’m still puzzled over why some actions — like returning stolen medicine for hurt soldiers — are deemed dark side choices.  It seems that these sorts of weird counter-intuitive choices exist mostly at the beginning of the game, perhaps for early testers to get a deep impression of the system, but in my Agent’s experience, it mostly became common sense from the second planet onward.

6 thoughts on “Play Diary: Running out of juice (#lotro #swtor )

  1. Since I knew our group was going Empire I tried a Trooper during beta. The “obstacle course” on Ord Mantell, along with the ensuing conversation with the “ethics” officer, were shocking. Some of our guildies have been playing characters on both sides, and at least one says he hates the Republic from the Republic side way more than he ever did when they were the enemies of his Imperial.

    The medicine quest is one a lot of people pull up as a “The Light/Dark system is wrong!” but it makes sense to me. Refugees, including children, are suffering because of what seems like a relatively pointless war. One steals some medicine for the children, and your choice is to break the rules and let her use it for the children – who have essentially nothing – or give it back to the army, who will probably be able to replace it relatively easily. I do agree that it’s an “example” quest, but I think it’s one that’s intended to point out that doing the legal thing and the right thing aren’t always the same. It may have failed in its message a bit – perhaps if the trooper who tells you about the missing meds had something like “We’ve got an ample supply, but have to make sure we don’t run short” then it would have been a bit clearer.

  2. I like the commando’s straight up firepower. Even as a heal spec I can take down “normal” groups before my tank pet can even select a target. My dps spec’d sage can’t even do that. Currently I’m primarily playing a vanguard, which I’m finding quite interesting due to having abilities primarily geared toward melee range, a few more up to 10m range, and only a very few out to 30m. So I’m carrying this massive assault rifle, but most of the time I’m inside melee range so I can smack things in the face with the stock. It’s a bit odd at 1st, though I’m used to it now. I think I actually prefer the commando style, but they’re both fun.

    The story can be very interesting, especially as oftentimes “the right thing for the Republic” is the dark side option, so trying to do what’s morally right as well as right for the Republic can be an interesting tap dance.

  3. I have never heard of such a thing. A solar powered keyboard sounds fascinating. Is it safe to assume there is no battery indicator on the thing?

  4. It’s cool that the keyboard has solar power but it doesn’t have any other way to use it lol?

  5. There’s an indicator and it tells you how much power it’s getting, etc. The reviews for it are glowing, it might just be my setup.

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