Play Diary: I’m a MONSTER! (#swtor #lotro #me3 )


I’ll have to admit that finding a good fit for a second character in SWTOR hasn’t been as easy as I first assumed.  While the original plan was just to plow my way through all eight classes, one by one, I think I got completely spoiled by my Agent the first time around.  I liked her voice, her personality, her story, and her mechanics — and I’ve discovered that I need to find that same combination in an alt.  The Counsular, well, I hated his voice and story; the Smuggler’s mechanics were too similar to what I already did as an Agent; and my brief foray into the Trooper taught me that you can like a voice but still dislike the personality.

Another issue I was having is that while my guild has both a Republic and Empire presence, most everyone I had gotten to know was on the Empire side — and playing Republic felt like wading into a pool of strangers.  So I cast everything to the wind this past weekend, headed back to the Empire, and rolled me up some Bounty Hunter.

And boy oh boy, have I found what I was looking for.  The voice: Kind of similar to Jennifer Hale’s, actually, but definitely not irritating.  The personality: Darkly humorous with a merciless streak.  The story: Participating not in the war, but in a Great Hunt that just so happens to take place amidst all the chaos of the war.  The mechanics: Gadgets and blasters and jetpacks and OOH FLAMETHROWERS BURN BABY BURNNNNN.

Thus was born Door, who I tried to make look more visually distinctive than female beauty queen.  I guess she turned out a little goth/raver in the end, but it works for me.  And it’s completely surreal to be back on Hutta, where my Agent started out so very long ago (geez, was that December already?).  It’s never fun to have to give up sprint and mounts for plain… old… jogging… but one sucks it up and takes in the scenery instead.

Door is meant to be the polar opposite of my Agent Yeti, so where Yeti is curvacious and kind, Door is stick-thin and dark to the core.  All Dark Side choices for me, thank you, and no regrets for the WHAT HAVE I DONE?  /curls up in a ball after I kill family members in front of each other like some horrible war criminal

I know it’s a tired observation that BioWare’s moral choices are often less grey than we’d like in a complex RPG, vacillating instead between angelic purity and demonic butchery, but that’s kind of what they do.  For many like myself, it’s hard to initially get into playing a Dark Side character, because we want to see our character do good things, and instead have to contend with commanding him or her to partake in activities that we’d never even consider in real life.  You know, like cutting off heads, backstabbing others (literally), and more or less being the biggest tool on the planet.  I think I was called “MONSTER!” about six different times over the weekend, and that’s just for starters.

Fortunately, the Bounty Hunter does soften the blow of these heinous actions by delivering fairly entertaining quips, so at least I’m laughing through my horrified tears.

I just hit level 10 on Sunday and am mulling over my advanced class.  I’m torn between having the option to heal or tank (with DPS on both sides).  The heal AC has double pistols, so that’s cool, but the tank AC has the bulky awesome armor.  I like the idea of being super-protected.  Hm.


More Enedwaith questing for me these past few days, I’m afraid.  Nothing super-exciting, but it’s definitely been relaxing and enjoyable even so.  I’ve slipped back into the my Captain’s loafers with ease and am slicing my way through hordes of nasties without a second thought.  At this rate I’m going to be level 75 before I’m halfway through Dunland, but that’s okay.  It’ll be nice to not die all the time after struggling through that content with my Lore-master.


Unlike some, I’m really in no rush to finish this, but I am having fun in it when I do get a slice of time here or there to partake.  Putting aside my dislike of the new human female models, Mass Effect 3 does excel in making every mission feel like an exciting action movie — or perhaps the latest episode of a TV show.

Mass Effect is one of those games where I enjoy the story and setting far more than I like the actual game mechanics.  It’s pretty much a shooter with light RPG elements tacked on, and I really dislike how much BioWare’s watered down the character creation/building/gear mechanics to their Fisher Price basics.  Wouldn’t want those Xbox kiddies to get confused, I guess.  Maybe I should’ve just chosen the “narrative” option for the game, but whatever.  Sometimes shooting stuff in the face is fun too.

I still am in awe of just how unique and well thought-out all of the alien races are, however.  They have so many layers to them — their looks, their personalities, their relationships with each other, their abilities — and most all of them are interesting.  So much so that the humans end up coming off as the most boring sometimes.

Last night’s adventure involved me meeting up with one of my all-time favorite ME2 characters, Mordin, as we rescued a female Krogan from the labs.  Oh Mordin, how I did miss you and your quirky wit.  He’s an unflappable guy, that one.

5 thoughts on “Play Diary: I’m a MONSTER! (#swtor #lotro #me3 )

  1. I have a lvl 50 tank Trooper and I love him. With my healing companion, I’m basically unstoppable in solo content. Also the tank AC is the one hat focuses on flamethrowers.

  2. One thing to keep in mind with Bounty Hunter ACs is that Powertech is really a melee AC with a handful of ranged attacks. If you go Powertech you’ll be rocket punching a lot.

  3. As the others have said, going Powertech will turn you into a shorter-ranged character, even if you go the dps route. Merc does its full damage all the way out to 30m, but the PT will be primarily 4-10 meters, and most of it’s really still in melee range.

    What you want to do? Powertech obviously is tank or fairly mobile dps, while the merc is either healing or “turret dps.” How much does moving around in combat mean to you as a play style?

    And as was also mentioned — the armor’s the same for either AC, so the look doesn’t change regardless.

  4. I’ve been playing a Powertech and I sort of regret my choice. The class is extremely durable, no doubt about that, especially since Bounty Hunter is the only class to START with a healing companion. I haven’t died to solo content since level 11.

    But, I really wanted to play a ranged class, and the Powertech’s options are pretty limited unless you’re up close. If you stay at ranged you’ll be using the same couple of attacks over and over. If you get close you open up several additional abilities to use, including a spammable instant flame blast (single target). Both Powertechs and Mercenaries get access to the Pyrotech tree if you want to play with fire.

    Don’t get me wrong, my Bounty Hunter is my favorite character for sure, but I kind of wish I’d gone Merc (my original intention) instead of Powertech (which I took because my guild seemed light on tanks).

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