The Syp – Mutant – Cracked connection

Some of you know — and follow — me and my team of crazy movie critics over at Mutant Reviewers From Hell.  One of our long-time writers, Drew Anderson, just got his first article published on today, which is a huge get for him!  Drew’s always been an awesome writer and a terrific guy, and I’m so very psyched for him.  Head on over and give it a read.

2 thoughts on “The Syp – Mutant – Cracked connection

  1. Congrats to him! I am a big fan of Cracked. And hey, I read his piece already today. Not bad. Not quite one of those John Cheese hilarious yet poignant “5 things they don’t tell you about giving up drinking Drano” pieces, but a good opener.

    Tell him not to read the comments. No, really.

  2. Heh, I actually really don’t like Cheese at all. He needs to branch out from his weary personal issues to other topics.

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