Where to get MMO soundtracks

Yesterday on Too Long; Didn’t Listen (you know, that podcast you so adore!) Dodge and I were talking about MMO and video game soundtracks, a topic which I quite adore.  I wanted to follow the podcast up with a quick post about some places that I’ve found legal ways to obtain these scores:

Free MMO soundtracks:

Amazon MP3 downloads:

Direct Song:

Blizzard Store/iTunes/misc.:

Let me know if I missed any and I’ll add them to the list (I’m not looking to list/link torrents and CDs, however)!

14 thoughts on “Where to get MMO soundtracks

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  2. The EVE soundtrack is still one of my favorites. All of Blizzard’s games have amazing scores as well.

    I need to pick up all the Lineage 2 OSTs though, thank you for those links!

  3. Wow. I hadn’t really noticed the Age of Conan soundtrack in the short time I was playing it, but that’s really awesome. No idea what those metal tracks are doing in the middle of it, but the rest of it’s great.

  4. I’m a big collector. not an MMO – but I still listen to the Skyrim OST by Jeremy Soule at the moment, an absolute gem! I am so happy he is on board for GW2! =)

  5. I downloaded the AoC soundtrack, and the one for RotG as well. They are amazing, and would be even if not attached to a game I enjoyed. I was disappointed in SWTORs music mostly because I had to compare it to AoC.

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  7. There were a few good extra WoW songs from Blizzard aside from the soundtracks, my 2 faves are:
    ‘Twas the Night Before Winter Veil
    [audio src="http://media.worldofwarcraft.com/xmas06/NightBeforeWintervale.mp3" /]
    Blizzard Halloween 2004 (I got a rock!)
    [audio src="http://www.lastown.com/public/musique/warcraft/BlizzardHalloween2004.mp3" /]

    Some of the songs from Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftan (LVL70ETC) are pretty good too, especially “I am Murloc” and “Rogues Do It From Behind”.

    There’s a pretty good list of Warcraft songs at http://www.lastown.com/public/musique/warcraft/list.html

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