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Where to get MMO soundtracks

Yesterday on Too Long; Didn’t Listen (you know, that podcast you so adore!) Dodge and I were talking about MMO and video game soundtracks, a topic which I quite adore.  I wanted to follow the podcast up with a quick post about some places that I’ve found legal ways to obtain these scores:

Free MMO soundtracks:

Amazon MP3 downloads:

Direct Song:

Blizzard Store/iTunes/misc.:

Let me know if I missed any and I’ll add them to the list (I’m not looking to list/link torrents and CDs, however)!

15 thoughts on “Where to get MMO soundtracks

  1. The EVE soundtrack is still one of my favorites. All of Blizzard’s games have amazing scores as well.

    I need to pick up all the Lineage 2 OSTs though, thank you for those links!

  2. Wow. I hadn’t really noticed the Age of Conan soundtrack in the short time I was playing it, but that’s really awesome. No idea what those metal tracks are doing in the middle of it, but the rest of it’s great.

  3. I’m a big collector. not an MMO – but I still listen to the Skyrim OST by Jeremy Soule at the moment, an absolute gem! I am so happy he is on board for GW2! =)

  4. I downloaded the AoC soundtrack, and the one for RotG as well. They are amazing, and would be even if not attached to a game I enjoyed. I was disappointed in SWTORs music mostly because I had to compare it to AoC.

  5. There were a few good extra WoW songs from Blizzard aside from the soundtracks, my 2 faves are:
    ‘Twas the Night Before Winter Veil
    [audio src="" /]
    Blizzard Halloween 2004 (I got a rock!)
    [audio src="" /]

    Some of the songs from Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftan (LVL70ETC) are pretty good too, especially “I am Murloc” and “Rogues Do It From Behind”.

    There’s a pretty good list of Warcraft songs at

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