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Play Diary: Mad Gods (#swtor #lotro #vanguard #gw2 )


My Bounty Hunter, Door, is deep into the thick of Dromund Kaas, which I consider to be the superior of the tier 2 planets (Coruscant is too busy and too much like Nar Shadda to be engaging).  I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that I might even like her more than my Agent.  The Dark Side choices, while morally repugnant for the most part, often come with hilarious one-liners that make the genocide worthwhile.  And as a Mercenary, I’m just blowing crap up from here to kingdom come and loving how un-subtle it all is.  Sometimes you want complex mechanics, sometimes you just want to hit a couple buttons and watch things go “boom” and numbers go over 9000.”

She’s still trying to gain access to the Great Hunt, and I’m not quite sure if BioWare’s toeing the line of how long they can stretch out this application process without it becoming a running gag.  I mean, I thought I was in it back on Hutta, but apparently that was like getting engaged to become engaged someday.  I’ll tell you this, however: Even though the huntmaster is a giant Wookiee, I’m not above shoving a blaster up each of his nostrils if the next time I go there he says, “Oh, just ONE more thing you gotta do!  PLANET SCAVENGER HUNT! WOOO!”

So in the meanwhile, she’s ripping up the planet left and right, and figuratively mooning every Imperial she can.  Because, Imperials.


I’m pushing hard to finish up with Enedwaith’s epic storyline, and there’s some impatience there because I’ve already done it and know how it ends.  Yet as with my SWTOR Bounty Hunter, I’m taking great pleasure in having a DPS-slinging tank at my disposal who doesn’t like to die, ever.  Hitting a devastate on an AOE swing is pure joy, my friends, even more so when I can activate one of my finishers because of that.  And my ghost archer, Gozer the Gozarian, is an invaluable assistant, especially when I want to go to ecto bars in downtown Galtrev.

I had to remind myself last night to “play in the now” instead of thinking about just how much content I had to get through before checking out Update 6’s new zone.  I know I have plenty of time left before this fall’s expansion, so I’m expecting that April and May will be spent going through Isengard, with the summer devoted to the Great River and various side-projects (skirmishes and Virtues and the like).

Realm of the Mad God

After hearing some chatter on this over the past couple weeks, I gave Realm of the Mad God a try and found it… okay.  On one hand, I like the retro pixel look and it’s easy enough to move and fight and level.  Yet it’s also frustrating because you can only see a portion of the battlefield from top-down, and I wasn’t sure how you could group up with others and where to go.  Maybe I should do a little more reading on the subject.


I’m not going to subscribe, but I was just way too curious about this game following the F2P announcement that I downloaded the trial and spent some time in the newbie zone.  I probably only clocked an hour or so, but I have to say that the reports are true — it IS a very beautiful game with an excellent soundtrack, and I really would like to explore it in depth.

I rolled a Gnome Necromancer and am excited to start patching together her first undead abomination, but I guess that’s not coming for another couple of levels.  Next time I log in, I’m going to go through the Diplomacy tutorial.

Guild Wars 2

Can I just say that after this past press beta weekend that I’m even more excited for this game than I was before, and leave it at that?  I’ll leave it at that.  /bouncing happily in my chair

7 thoughts on “Play Diary: Mad Gods (#swtor #lotro #vanguard #gw2 )

  1. I started a BH a couploe of days ago and am on DK now myself. I’m not in IMC though, since well…. different server. I actually do have a lowbie inquisitor in IMC. I may get back to that server someday. Time will tell.

  2. Sharing in with you and Gaz – the juicy Massively review on gw2 just made me squeeze in one more post! ^^

  3. I played Mad God for a few hours, a few weeks ago. It’s on my list to keep an eye on as they develop it further, but I haven’t gotten back to it yet.
    My info may be out of date, but at that time grouping was pretty fluid. It seemed like players would see other players and just gravitate to each other and fight together for a while. There would usually be big groups running around the roads mowing down everything in their path. Each map is an island, with the easiest mobs on the beach, and getting progressively harder as you move inland. IIRC there are two ring-shaped roads running around the islands. At that time there were random “pirate dungeon instances” but other than that there were no special features or anything. You just kill mobs to level up and get better equipment, then take a shot at the mad god.

  4. GW2 /drool.
    My 3 Most Exciting Features:
    1. Small Scale WvW PvP – Love roaming with friends and cutting off zerg reinforcements.
    2. Dynamic Events – Can’t get enough of these and GW2 seems to be doing them up big.
    3. Large Worlds with Minimal Instancing – I want things to feel like a big world filled with adventurers.

  5. Dromund was a great planet indeed, I played through it on beta and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think I’ll stick to Rep side for my first alt though as I want the benefits of sharing crafted consumables.

    I too am interested in Vanguard, if the F2P model isn’t too bad I’ll give it a whirl. Also it appears to be outside of the PSS outsourcing fiasco that’s about to hit EQ2 so I may switch some of my playtime from EQ2 to Vanguard instead.

    GW2 is looking mighty fine at the moment, this could end up as the game to reunite my old gaming friends, at least to a greater extent than SWTOR.

  6. Diplomacy is -amazing-. It’s the sort of system that kept me playing for months after the game’s launch, when everyone else was understandably bailing ship. I remember spending two days working with friends to try to come up with a deck build and strategy to convince this one difficult NPC to see things my way. Just a really creative system, that like most thing in Vanguard didn’t get a chance to really expand to it’s intended heights. The new dev team has mentioned wanting to build up the diplomacy sphere, so I’m really hopeful.

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