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Quote of the Day

“Prime World has an optional gender bonus: a shield which will automatically deploy if the health of a nearby player of the opposite gender falls below a certain level. This shield is cheap, is in the default talent set for all characters, and is designed to encourage players of opposite genders to fight together. Teams are thus more effective if they are composed of both male and female players. In addition, this bonus helps encourage beginning female players, who feel more helpful when fighting in a mixed group.

~ Prime World’s website (emphasis mine)

16 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. I predict that they’re going to be reporting a sudden spike in popularity of “Brian” as a girl’s name. This is one more system that can be gamed by those who like to game the system.

  2. Eh, wot? If you know the game (which I don’t) does that make sense?

    Interesting mechanism, though.

  3. I’m with Wil too; that’s really weird. Are they going to ask your gender when you sign in to an account and lock you into it?

  4. “Teams are thus more effective if they are composed of both male and female players.”


  5. lol well I was mixing this up with the Prime game with the 3 way RvR. This is an LoL ripoff with set heroes. So this little buff encourages mixing hero types on your team, as the hero’s are not customizable as to their looks or gender. Makes a little more sense, as looks to be a Korean dev.

  6. The second paragraph adds a bit more detail:
    “It is important to note, though, that this bonus only works if the character’s gender matches the player’s. Of course, if you plan to play with friends of the same gender, you can always replace this talent with another one.”

    Apprantly, yes, they will ask your gender. And no one ever lies about that on the internet.

  7. Maybe they have a program like the Olympics where they send someone round to your house to gender-test you.

  8. I believe some games ask for a national identity number when registering in Korea so that’d make gender lookup easy if their data prot law isn’t so hot. Also wasn’t it in Korea that a dev tried to stop players playing characters of the opposite gender…?

  9. Um, what? I’m a female player since 1995, and I rarely group at all in any game I play. I also have never felt the need to play male characters, though sometimes I roll one up because I want some eye candy for myself.

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