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Guild Wars 2 beta screenies!

Here are a few of my favorite screenshots from the past Guild Wars 2 beta weekend.  While it was great to have a quick shortcut (shift + print screen) to take a UI-less pic, I was disappointed that there didn’t seem to be a way to get your character out of the way if so desired.  I found out later on that doing a /sit emote would take your character out of the frame temporarily.

I love, love, love the map system, especially how it keeps you on track to hit all of the major objectives in the area and world.
Overlooking a foggy mist from the cemetery
The entrance of the cemetery
In the midst of a firefight -- just check out the particle effects and smoke coming off those flintlocks!
One of many, many interesting interior rooms. It will be a crying shame if GW2 doesn't get player housing in at some point.
Trying to get a sitdown portrait on a sofa
Divinity's Reach is such an incredible city. It's really hard to stop taking screenshots when you're in it.
Looking up... man, I'd hate to be a window washer here.
Kids actually exist in GW2. Here's a group in a cave about to go on an adventure (and probably die, because that's what I do).
The dam. It just looks like a painting.
I love the evening sky and the pastoral qualities of Queensland.
It's hard to show from a still picture, but the flowing water effects are well-done.

5 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2 beta screenies!

  1. Ahh you have a much better rig than I have. First thing I did in GW2 was drop the graphics to their lowest settings to get a decent framerate. However, even with that, environments STILL looked good. Just makes me want to upgrade my system now. 🙂

  2. I never found that shortcut for taking screenshots without the UI, so thanks for that. Instead I took most of my screenshots as HiRes, which removes the UI automatically. They take up a ton of space though and take forever to upload so I’d much rather take the normal ones.

    Not being able to get my character out of the picture drove me nuts and it was even worse as a pet class because the pet stays on an extremely short leash and can’t (as far as I could tell) be parked. My Ranger’s cat was constantly sitting on his feet which looked ridiculous in screenies.

    That aside, I took almost 150 screenshots over the weekend and could very easily have taken a thousand. And yes they absolutely must add housing. They’d be crazy not to with their payment model, too. Decorators spend big money in cash shops and housing items are completely gameplay-neutral, so it’s a perfect fit.

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