NBI: Naughty cows, neurosis, and horse races

Another day and another round of excellent newish blogs from the Newbie Blog Initiative!  Do me a solid and visit these, because you never know when or where you’ll witness the emergence of the next hit blogger!

  1. Windy Acres Ranch: A LOTRO blog that focuses on (interestingly enough) mount shows and horse racing
  2. TL-DR: Two librarians who love to talk about gaming and MMOs!
  3. Saali in Taborea: A newish blog covering Runes of Magic
  4. Bad Tauren: A struggling WoW blog that’s attempting to start up once again
  5. Musings of an Altoholic: A recent blogger who’s been covering likes and dislikes about WoW
  6. Neurotic Girl: “Games keep me sane” ‘Nuff said!

Bio Break blogging tip of the day: Write consistently.  Blogs that are consistent with updates are generally read and followed more than sporadic ones.  You don’t have to write every day, but it does help to adhere to a schedule or a vow to post regularly.

A few advice posts from fellow bloggers: Being a blogger superstar, Just do it (Stropp’s World), Some blogging advice (StarShadow) & Advice for new bloggers (In An Age).

Participants please note: The ad-free version of the forum should be working by now.  Also, please use #nbimmo when posting NBI-related stuff on Twitter!


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