NBI: Ironman challenges, scattered thoughts, and poisoned mushrooms

Happy Friday!  And so the first week of the Newbie Blogger Initiative comes to an end, and boy has it been a doozy.  This whole project has snowballed into a massive avalanche of awesomeness, from the great sponsor blogs rallying to encourage others to the host of fledgling bloggers coming out from everywhere.  I’m having a blast, are you?

Here’s yet another batch of newish blogs to check out and support:

  1. Geo’s Ironman Challenge: A blogger who’s answered the call of the toughest WoW challenge of them all
  2. Crafty’s Corner: A blogger who’s had a hard time finding readers.  Can we help him out?
  3. Scattered Thoughts: A WoW/LoL blog that’s… scattered.  In a good way!
  4. The Poison Mushroom: A gaming blog meets The Onion
  5. My Staff is Bigger Than Yours: A (mostly) Guild Wars 2 blog that is compensating for nothing, do you hear?
  6. Vagabond Goes for a Walk: A writer who’s starting up a new MMO blog on casual gaming

Bio Break blogger tip of the day: Don’t obsess over traffic.  Be aware of it, sometimes work to increase it, but obsessing will drive you mad — and in the end, it doesn’t matter as much as you think it does.

A few advice posts from fellow bloggers: Who Am I? (Tish Tosh Tesh), Build your own boss (Tastes Like Battle Chicken), The Google Reader blogroll, Getting started (Tales of the Aggronaut)

7 thoughts on “NBI: Ironman challenges, scattered thoughts, and poisoned mushrooms

  1. Too right. I will put in effort, from time-to-time, when I find a lead, toward trying to improve my traffic somewhat, but that’s only after having had a blog for many years. Even then, I don’t care all that much. If I cared, I probably would have given up. I actually get a very small amount of traffic.

  2. Just a bit of spot advice to new and old bloggers alike. Make sure your blog has an rss feed. Not only do many people read through RSS readers, certain blogroll widgets, like the one for Blogger, use them as well. Look for the RSS symbol in your blog settings. (a blue or orange square with three concentric arcs, seen on this page under “Subscribe to Bio Break”).

  3. “A (mostly) Guild Wars 2 blog that is compensating for nothing, do you hear?”
    what did you mean by that? Asking because i honestly did not understand 😛

  4. @Kavorkian – I thought your staff title was a… epeen joke of sorts. Like you’ve got a big staff because you’re compensating for a… y’know. I thought that was an intentional joke.

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