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NBI: Ravalations galore

You know the drill by now!  Another day, another round of Newbie Blogger Initiative blogs!  What’s been your favorite one so far?

  1. Toastman’s Blog: A general MMO blog with a strong emphasis on EVE Online
  2. Ravalation: The diary of a gamer girl who’s into LOTRO and SWTOR
  3. Gaming for Introverts: A topic near and dear to my heart!
  4. The Incidental Analyst: If you play MMOs, might as well get obsessed about them, amirite?
  5. Funsponge: Absorbing your gaming enjoyment since 1983

Bio Break blogging tip of the day: Put some thought into a memorable name for your blog that echoes your personality, topic, and goals.  For example, I’m apparently about toilet humor and alliteration.

A few advice posts from fellow bloggers: Mobile blogging (Scary Worlds), General advice (, Why do you want to blog? (Nerdy Bookahs), Be open-minded (Tales of the Aggronaut), Why I started blogging (Blog de la Burro), The worst advice you’ll ever receive about blogging (Bullet Points)

2 thoughts on “NBI: Ravalations galore

  1. So I’m all about fighting and fried chicken? Just call me Leroy Jenkins…

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