NBI: What’s the AntiPlasmaFrequency, Kenneth?

You know what’s one of the coolest things about the Newbie Blogger Initiative?  It’s waking up every morning to see these newer blogs posting like mad — blogging is infectious!  Here’s a few more blogs you should support:

  1. Bloodthorne: An absolutely gorgeous-looking gaming blog
  2. AntiPlasmaFrequency: A hardcore EVE blog
  3. Kemwer Game Blog: From the ashes of past procrastination, this blog rises once more!
  4. The Adventures of Danania, Supergirl of Lorien: I feel she’s selling herself short with this title
  5. Unliving a Death Knight: Death Knights get their champion

Bio Break blogging tip of the day: If you’re taking an extended break (such as a vacation) from blogging, consider opening your blog up to guest posts.  It’s a great way to keep the content flowing to your readers while making friends in the blogging community.

A few advice posts from fellow bloggers: Learning about blogging from perfect strangers (Games and Geekery), WordPress plugins (World of Matticus), Create your own voice (Wadstomp), How the Bhagpuss came to be (Inventory Full), Learn how to podcast (A Casual Stroll to Mordor)

5 thoughts on “NBI: What’s the AntiPlasmaFrequency, Kenneth?

  1. It’s been great reading all the amazing advice from fellow bloggers. Some of these posts really changed my view on what to write about, and more importantly, how to write. Thanks for creating this initiative, and thanks a lot for the link. 🙂

  2. Thank you for the link!
    I’ve been having a lot of fun with AntiPlasmaFrequency. The Newbie Blogger Initiative is the primary reason for the enjoyment this time around. A ton of great information and the realization that hundreds or thousands of people were just like me, starting a blog for fun! That really helped me get over the 50+ iterations of a post, constantly asking myself, “Is this good enough to post?”.
    Now I have standards for quality thanks to everyone else showing me what a good base was to start with. Gaining the confidence to post, that alone makes me see the NBI as a massive success.
    My thanks to you and the countless others that added to the greatness of total strangers

  3. “I feel she’s selling herself short with this title”
    Lol! I haven’t figured out if that is a compliment or a jab. 😀

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