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NBI: Get in the bag!

Just because we’re nearing the halfway piont of the Newbie Blogger Initiative month doesn’t mean it’s too late to get involved!  On the contrary, sponsor and new blogs can chip in at any time!  Check out today’s batch who made the leap:

  1. Raspberry Jammed: Yay!  A Spaceballs reference!
  2. Click to Loot: A blog all about Diablo III powergaming
  3. Kaw Kaw! Get in the Bag!: A raider and military wife who’s all about the WoWs
  4. Mistress of Illusions: Mom by day, Mesmer by night
  5. Malefic Incantations: He can outrun a centaur!
  6. MMO One Night a Week: Pretty self-explanatory there…

Bio Break blogging tip of the day: It’s almost never worth it to get into blog/flame wars with other posters or commenters.  Readers on the whole don’t like that sort of thing and it can garner you a reputation that’ll haunt you for some time.

A few advice posts from fellow bloggers: Creating a good title (Scary Worlds), So you wanna be a blogger? (Jaded Alt), The pros and cons of self-hosting (Stropp’s World), How to be consistent and make it painless and easy, (Just One MMOre), Menus, categories and tags (StarShadow)

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