NBI: Mr. Sulu, you have the /con

It’s like we’ve started an avalanche with the Newbie Blogger Initiative — people just can’t wait to come out of the woodwork (they hide there, it’s comfy) to talk about their favorite games.  I’m loving it!  Here’s a few more new blogs to check out:

  1. /con mmob: EverQuest 2 needs more blog love.  Here it is.
  2. Gaming Abroad: An overseas (depending where you are now, I suppose) MMO addict
  3. Backseat Game Design: Like it says, a blog skewed toward examining game design!
  4. Trippin Tyria: Alliteration at its finest

Bio Break blogging tip of the day: If you’re going to write a long post, it really helps the reader to break them up into sections with titles.  I know that seems lazy of me to say that as a reader, but as a reader it definitely helps keep my interest going strong.

A few advice posts from fellow bloggers: Mind your language (Contains Moderate Peril), Avoid barriers to commenting on Blogger (I Have Touched the Sky), Advice for new bloggers (Thade’s Hammer), Blogging is a social activity (Tish Tosh Tesh), Some advice on blogging (Blog de la Burro), Tell me about yourself (Levelcapped)

4 thoughts on “NBI: Mr. Sulu, you have the /con

  1. Yay! I made the advice list! ^_^ Or is this because you’re having to scrape the bottom of the advice barrel. O.o

  2. Whoo! I also made it on here too. *happy dance* Thank you Syp for the NBI. I am now getting the inside out where people can see that not all blogs have to be so serious. Silly is good with pie.

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