NBI: Big Numbers would be a great kingpin name

Did you ever know that you could be the Newbie Blogger Initiative hero?  Everything I wish I could be?  You could fly higher than an eagle.  You are the wind beneath these blogs’ wings:

  1. Divinity’s Reach: A guide to Guild Wars 2
  2. Big Numbers: It’s all about the DPS with this blogger
  3. Eons and Eons Away: I’ve got the Star Wars theme going through my head for some reason…
  4. Horrible Ball of Fire: Goodness gracious
  5. Image Heavy: A WoW photo blog

Bio Break blogging tip of the day: It’s a weird maxim that the posts you spend tons of time writing will sometimes get few views while the ones you shoot off in a couple minutes end up being your big hits.  Deal with it.

A few advice posts from fellow bloggers: Week two challenge (Tastes Like Battle Chicken), Episode 58 (Contains Moderate Peril), Blogging tips and hints (A Green Mushroom), Picking a name (Too Many Annas), It feels good to be a blogger (Grimnir’s Grudge), Never tell the truth (Gankalicious), Creating a podcast on the cheap with WordPress (Herding Cats), Advice you don’t want to hear (Scary Worlds), Does traffic matter? (Blog de la Burro), 8 blogging tips they won’t tell you (Distilled Willpower), For love or money (Tish Tosh Tesh), From there to here (Vicarious Experience), None of my business (Levelcapped), Protect your blog! (TL-DR)


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