Five iPhone apps I’m enjoying

Time to take another brief detour into the lands of iPhone gaming and apping!  It’s like napping, just with less drool.

Here are five iPhone apps I’ve been enjoying and wanted to recommend to you:

  1. The Sandbox (Free with IAP): It’s not so much a game, per se, as it is a… well, a sandbox.  It’s a cute pixelated sandbox where you pick elements (soil, metal, ice, etc.) and then drop them or place them into a little pocket world.  The fun comes with the interactions: metal conducts power, a cooling element attached to a powered metal strip starts cooling the elements around it, drop some water on top of it and you’ve got ice!  I can see myself spending tons of time messing with this.
  2. Geocaching ($9.99): Pricey, but I considered it a must-have for a hobby start-up, and I’ve yet to regret it.  It ties into Google maps to show you Geocaches in the area, uses a GPS to point you to them, shows you the hints and logs of other hunters, and allows you to post your own log to the official website.
  3. TouchArcade (Free): This is simply one of the best game review apps that I’ve ever seen.  It’s based on the popular TouchArcade website, and it gives you quick access to the latest articles and reviews of iPhone games as well as the most popular ones at any given moment.  One of my favorite features is the watch list that allows you to tag certain released and upcoming games so that any articles pertaining to those will be saved for future reading.  There are also free alerts on games that have gone free for a limited or extended time.
  4. Swordigo (Free/$1.99): It’s kind of like a 2D Zelda/Mario RPG-lite title that has crisp graphics and smooth gameplay — and it’s free.  Or was for a few days.  Might be again, I dunno.  Definitely worth a look.
  5. Epic Astro Story ($3.99): Kairosoft has a strong reputation for addicting strategy titles on iOS, and this may be their best yet.  It’s a weird blend of scifi, Star Trek homages, and planet colonization.  You’re tasked with building up an industry on a planet while sending “away teams” to explore new areas and other planets.  Been playing this for weeks now and I’ve yet to finish a single game.

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