NBI: Frugally vicious

Slackervists!  Don’t just spend the day clicking “like” on futile Facebook movements — go support the Newbie Blogger Initiative by reading and commenting on these here new blogs:

  1. Casually Vicious: A violent but casual perspective on MMOs
  2. The Frugal Gamer: Gaming through F2P titles
  3. Gaming Brew: Balancing real life with casual hardcore gaming
  4. The Roaring Silence: Games, life and the in-between
  5. MMOARprz: Do you like Comic Sans?  Not as much as Serenity!
  6. How to Pour Sand Back Into the Box: Looking for the next MMO revolution

Bio Break blogging tip of the day: Don’t be shy about promoting your blog on official forums, especially when you write about that specific game!

A few advice posts from fellow bloggers: Blog lists and RSS (I Have Touched The Sky), You should be blogging (Multiplaying), Advice is a strong word (Blue Kae), Writing for the web (A Casual Stroll to Mordor), Top five tips (Screaming Monkey), Meeting interesting people (Gankalicious), Get started with WoW blogging (Caer Morrighan), New blogging advice (Hawt Pants)

4 thoughts on “NBI: Frugally vicious

  1. Thank you very much for mentioning my blog Syp. I am very grateful for the NBI and being mentioned in a couple blogs lately has been so wonderful in boosting my confidence =) I have only been blogging for a little over a week and I am also a new writer, so I still feel a bit rusty (esp. where grammar is concerned!). But I hope to offer more great content soon that will get me mentioned again (and not just for my love of Comic Sans haha).

    Thanks again,

  2. Aw Gank, I had you added to this a week ago (I’ve been scheduling these posts about a week out). Why wouldn’t I?

  3. Wow, how did I miss this? Thanks for all the work you’re putting into the NBI, I really appreciate the push out the door to start blogging.

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