NBI: Hobbits of great stature

Is it too late to start a new blog and hop on board the Newbie Blogger Initiative train?  NEVER, I say!  Never!  Take courage from those who have gone ahead of you and then make the leap!  In the meanwhile, check out all these excellent newish blogs:

  1. The Diverted Muse: What could make a good game even better?  This blogger knows!
  2. Newbie Hobbit: Just a wee ‘un in the big world
  3. Battlemastered: A WoW PvP blog
  4. thenotsonewnoob: No time for spaces, we got a blog to write!

Bio Break blogging tip of the day: Game-specific blogs will get a stronger audience due to the narrow focus, but can be an issue in the long run if you get bored of that game or want to move on.  That’s why Bio Break was made to be a general MMO blog.

A few advice posts from fellow bloggers: Thinking linking (Tish Tosh Tesh), Why haven’t you started your blog yet? (Nerdy Bookahs), Why I started blogging (Tiger Ears), Sage words (Berath’s Brain Burps), Newbie blogger tips (Just One More Unlock), You are your blog (Bullet Points), An idea is formed (Hunter’s Insight), Starting at the beginning (ALT:ernative), Tips and links (Epic Slant)

One thought on “NBI: Hobbits of great stature

  1. Wow. That’s a nice summary of my blog – better than anything I’d come up with. It led pretty directly to my new tagline (“Ideas for making good games better”). Thank you!

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