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NBI: Altaholics anonymous

How is the Newbie Blogger Initiative like a rubber chicken?  I’m looking at both right now, and they both captivate my attention.  Also, NBI bloggers can be quite humorous and entertaining, as evidenced by the following:

  1. Auction House on Farm: Making big bank in WoW
  2. Giddeon’s Hammer: Big hammers are cool.  Don’t doubt it.
  3. Noob Raider: A self-proclaimed “veteran n00b”
  4. The Altoholic: Because one of each class isn’t enough
  5. stnylan’s musings: The MMO blog of a soon-to-be dad

Bio Break blogging tip of the day: It’s okay to take a day off blogging when nothing comes to mind.  I generally like to have a couple “rainy day” posts prepped for such occasions to keep the content flowing, but that’s me.

A few advice posts from fellow bloggers: Finishing your blog setup (World of Matticus), Stats (Contains Moderate Peril), 3 little things (MMO Gamer Chick), How to deal with writer’s block (Blog de la Burro)

One thought on “NBI: Altaholics anonymous

  1. want to hear some more proof that Giddeon is funny (he’s really not don’t believe it)?

    Giddeon broke all the article links on his home page the day he was cool enough to get linked to on biobreak…. true store. it’s all fixed now tho. /faceplam

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