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No shortage of things to do in Middle-earth

As I’ve mentioned a few places elsewhere (particularly on podcasts), I’ve been on an incredibly strong LOTRO gaming streak the past few weeks.  Maybe you know how it is: When you just get so into a game, even an older game, that it’s the only thing you want to log into and play.  It’s excitement and a second wind and pure relaxation all rolled into one.  And no, I’m not quite sure why it happened, but I’m riding this wave for all it’s worth.

I think part of it is that I’m at two exciting points with my two primary characters.  My level 19 Warden is still chasing deeds (now in Bree-land) and on the cusp of getting my very first Undying title in the game (which you just know I’m going to blow).  She looks awesome — pictures forthcoming — and the class is so dang challenging to master that I want to keep pecking away at it.  Plus, having deed attainment as the main goal really feels like a much different way to play than my normal style.

When she hits 20, I’m going to make it a standard practice to queue her up for multiplayer skirmishes and instances as well.  I’m curious to see how often people use the instance finder during the lowbie leveling process.

My level 75 Captain, on the other hand, has set foot in the latest new area of the game, the Great River.  If you haven’t been yet, it’s a tremendous zone — just great fun to explore, full of different sights than the game to date, and a nice introduction to the Rohan content.  I must’ve gawked around Stangard for a good hour last night, just going in all the buildings and exploring.  The Rohirrim architecture looks way cooler than any of the Eriador stuff (aside from Hobbit structures), and it makes me very hopeful for the future.

With the help of some guildies, I went through the intro series in Limlight Gorge with my Cappy and had great fun doing that.  I’m going to see if I can start doing the dailies there semi-regularly, as that would be a nice way to get some good gear prior to Rohan.  I also junked all her old legendary items and bought brand-new level 75 LIs, decked them out (I’d been saving scrolls and IXP items for the occasion), and now I’m rocking at a much higher DPS rate than before.

It just feels as though there’s no shortage of things to be doing right now, and on top of everything else, the Spring Festival’s coming this week and I’m going to try to deed that all out with my Warden.  Say what you will about LOTRO, this game is really full of content and has plenty of reasons to keep on playing even for us old-timers.

6 thoughts on “No shortage of things to do in Middle-earth

  1. You’ll love the warden more and more. It’s really one of the more unique classes I’ve ever played in any MMO; one of those archetypal “easy to learn, hard to master” classes.

    The new zone is very good. Even though the questing is more of the linear “go there and when you’re done go here” gigs we’ve grown to reluctantly accept from Turbine over the past few years, the landscape design more than makes up for that. I love the fact that almost all of the buildings in Stangard can be entered. I hope that’s a sign of things to come. There’s even a short, but awesome, quest chain in Bree now that has you going inside a few of those mysterious formerly level 90 doors.

  2. Heh, that’s funny I’ve been having this same LOTRO-spree too (poor SWTOR is suffering because of it)! No idea why either. LOTRO is pretty old now, but it still manages to capture me. The Store-stuff aside, LOTRO still does it right.

  3. I haven’t played LOTRO for soooo long, not since my old PC died, and my son has been bogarting his laptop so little chance of gametime there 😦
    I look at your screenshots and think, “Why does your LOTRO look so much more attractive than mine?” then I remember I had a crappy video card in my old PC so I had to run it at minimum graphics. One day soon I’ll get a new PC and get back into LOTRO. One day.

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