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NBI: Butterflies in the sky…

Blogging: The cyber frontier.  These are the voyages of the Newbie Blogger Initiative! Its one-month mission: To seek out new life and new opinions, to explore strange new MMOs, and to boldly rant where no one’s ranted before!

What are you reading today?  Whatever it is, add these to the mix:

  1. The Butterfly Gamer: A blogger who buys way too many games
  2. The Mighty Viking Hamster: Seriously, how can you NOT click that link?
  3. Why I Game: Finally, someone tells it like it is
  4. Wald’s Wanderings: Not all who wander are lost
  5. Ald Shot First: MMOs and 80s movies
  6. Sephora’s Closet: Social outfits in Anarchy Online
  7. Donovan Drones: Huh, another AO blog!  Awesome!
  8. Beyond Reproach: Criminally insane and yet still a blogger
  9. The Horn & Ivory Gates: An introduction to LOTRO
  10. Landroval Style: Making Middle-earth look good

New bloggers, get some free cross-promotion going!  Professor Beej is looking for guest writers, Contains Moderate Peril is promoting new blogs on their podcast, and Divinity’s Reach is looking for co-bloggers!

Bio Break blogging tip of the day: Effective use of personal screenshots can go a long, long way to illustrating the in-game stories you’re telling.  People like picture books!

A few advice posts from fellow bloggers: Managing screenshots (Roll One Hundred), I refuse to call it a blogosphere (Bullet Points), Guest post (Epic Slant), Good advice (KIASA), Before taking the plunge (Pumping Irony), Wrapping up advice all in one place (Life is a Mind-Bending Puzzle), Objectivity, relating and heart (T.R. Red Skies), Fine-tuning your blog (Contains Moderate Peril), Indie games and bloggers (Beau Hindman), How to get lots and lots of hits (Berath’s Brain Burps), The blog rings, By this keyboard I rule! (Rikna’s Rants), Making connections (World of Matticus), Who the hell reads this? (Gankalicious), How to get noticed (Blog de la Burro), Traditions (Tish Tosh Tesh)

4 thoughts on “NBI: Butterflies in the sky…

  1. Thanks Syp, the NBI has been great, even though I was a little late to the party. And without something like this (even though I’d contemplated writing a blog in the past), it would have been unlikely I’d have gathered up the gumption to do so.

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