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Quote of the Day

“I find the Que to be a slap in the face to any paying customer and i just can’t believe they would use it in retail. I have spent the last 10 hours or so in utter frustration because of blizzard’s incompetence to learn the lesson taught by every other mmorpg launch disaster (of which there has been many). The fact remains is that Blizzard was not ready for this launch and even a cursory glance at the boards proves how many frustrated paying customers there are out there right now.”

~ Player Tenchid, November 24, 2004

12 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Q once slapped me in the face too. Turns out my great-great-grandson is Jean-Luc Picard and he was slapping every single one of his ancestors out of spite.

  2. They had some reason to botch the MMO launch back in the day; MMOs were (really still are) a niche and they couldn’t possibly have predicted netting a player population that was literally several orders of magnitude larger than any other MMO was then. They really are lacking in reason with the D3 launch…tho possibly everybody involved in the WoW launch has long since moved on to more interesting projects?

    It’d be interesting to know what happened. Did they under-estimate? Did some key part of their server infrastructure not hold up like they thought it would? Or break? Did somebody get angry and pull the plug? Was there a large DDoS attack on their servers that they couldn’t weather while trying to service their customers? Who knows.

    Point is, why bitch at all? You’re still playing. The Terms of Service and EULA both spell out pretty clearly what you can and can’t expect. You read those, right? I mean…you checked em off. 😉

  3. thade, given that D3 was the fastest selling PC game of all time, yes, I would say they certainly under-estimated. Anything else would have been hubris.

    p.s. Syp there was a great post on the D3 forums where a guy rattled off a bunch of quotes about how horrible this game was and what an insult it was to brand it with the Diablo name.. and then revealed they were from Usenet posts from the launch of Diablo 2. 🙂

  4. Yeah, I have two frame of thinking about the D3 launch which kind of apply simultaneously for me.

    The first is that gamers seriously, seriously need to lose their sense of entitlement. You don’t “own” the games you buy, you are paying for a service. As a consumer the only right you have is to not pay for it.

    The second is that [I think Tycho put it best] the failure of Blizzard to recall that Diablo is a popular game is totally ridiculous and isn’t something paying customers should put up with.

    I feel that Blizzard was extremely coy about revealing that this game doesn’t just require an Internet connection as a DRM and anti-hacking protection, it’s a game played completely online, with downtime and server queues and lag. For Australians who have to connect to a servers on another continent, that last point is a very big deal.

    I played the beta for hours and somehow missed this fact until launch day. To be honest I do feel betrayed– I feel that I was mislead about the product that I was “purchasing” [I am an Annual Pass member]. Were this a disc product that I had bought in a store I would take it back for store credit, but as it was ostensibly free I guess all I can do is be very disappointed in Blizzard, and to be more careful about what exactly I’m buying next time they try to sell me something.

  5. To be fair, WoW had one of the roughest launches I’ve ever participated in (a fact that modern MMO players seem largely unaware of). The ques were annoying, but understandable. Having the servers lag out so badly that you’d get stuck in a looting animation, or have your client freeze up and disconnect was horrible. Blizzard didn’t give out days of free sub time to everyone just out of the kindness of their hearts. You’d really have to look to AoC or AO to find a noticeably worse launch, at least among the ones I’ve paid attention to.

  6. And the beat goes on……just a different drum these days.
    I for one paid 60$ cash for my copy of Diablo 3. It came off the shelf at the store in a box as an advertised complete game that I could take home, install and play……NOT TRUE.

    Diablo 3 was not ready for release. The problems that they are having should have been resolved in beta testing. They should not be using paying customers to do the beta testing for them. But…as the past shows us, it is what Blizzard and many other gaming companies are doing these days. They understand that there will be no mass exodus, there will be no one to rally the players and do a boycott, so they know that they don’t have to worry about it.

  7. The more things change they more they stay the same? Honestly if nothing else those early quotes, prove that Blizzard should have learned from past mistakes. In the case of D3, it isn’t like throwing more servers and bandwidth would have really caused an issue, considering the server infrastructure is essentially transparent to the users. They wouldn’t have run into an issue like SWTOR/Rift where they had a ton of small server communities, since we all essentially play on the same server.

    In the grand scheme of things, I have not had that much issue past the first few days. I was just not that concerned. In an MMO, missing out on a few days feels like you are having your money squandered. Like it or not we view that free month of gameplay, as part of our entitled features of a $60 purchase. Whereas with Diablo 3, I knew that over the course of months of playing the game, I would easily get my moneys worth. So not being able to play, just didn’t feel like I was losing out, in the same way it does with a pay to play MMO.

  8. Reading old blog posts about WoW in general is always good fun! I like this one on Kill Ten Rats for example.

    I’ve been saying “hey” to my friends in-game but nobody ever responds any more. […] The social aspect in this game is all but dead right now. – April 25, 2005

  9. At WoW’s launch, Blizzard gave me 3 days of free time because of all the problems. That made me happy enough.
    The login and connection issues in D3 aren’t my biggest concern, it’s the crappy lag that hits randomly and kills my hardcore chars!

  10. Call me a crazy spelling nazi, but the biggest problem I have with all of this is those spelling it “que”. It’s queue people, QUEUE! “Que” isn’t even a english word…

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