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Vote in the NBI Awards!

I didn’t want to end the Newbie Blogger Initiative month with merely a long list of links.  It almost seemed a shame just to put them all out there with a big period after it, right?  So — and nobody knew I was going to do this — I wanted to host a quick award show to highlight some of the many, many amazing blogs that has come out of this.

I could’ve just picked the winners, but what’s the fun in that?  I quite like all the blogs and feel a little funny choosing favorites.  Instead, I want to hear what all you readers think!  I’ve picked five nominations for each of eight different categories, with the award being a pat on the back and a little increased fame and recognition.  Hey you new bloggers: You didn’t think you’d land in an award show so soon, did you?

With the exception of “Best newish blogger,” all of the nominated blogs had to be created in the April-May 2012 window to keep things fair.  “Best newish blogger” nominated blogs all originated before April 2012.  All blogs had to have registered with the NBI forums in May.

Promising star, game-specific

This award is for the game-specific blog (that is, a blog dedicated to a single MMO) that shows serious promise.  We had a wide range of these this past month, from Anarchy Online to EVE Online, so it was certainly hard to narrow the field down to five worthy choices.  Nominations: Unliving a Death Knight, Mistress of Illusions, Malefic Incantations, Argus or Bust, Sephora’s Closet.

Promising star, general games and geekery

The counterpart of the game-specific award, this general games and geekery award goes to the most promising blog that either covers a wide range of games and MMOs, or a blog that delves into other aspects of geek life.  Nominations: Casual Aggro, Kemwer Game Blog, Beyond Tannhauser Gate, The Butterfly Gamer, Gaming Abroad

Best newish blogger

Our sole “not so new” blogger award, this one will go to one of the bloggers who started prior to April 2012, yet either considered him/herself a newbie, needed help with motivation or guidance, or was trying to gain a wider audience.  Nominations: Supergirl of Lorien, Goetia’s Letters, Brazokie’s Blog Space, TL-DR, Ravalation

Most interesting angle

This category is for those blogs that decided to do a little something different than the rest of the pack.  Maybe it’s just a different format, an unusual voice, a weird topic, or all of the above.  Nominations: Hipstalotro, Gaming for Introverts, MMO One Night a Week, Inside the Magic Shop, The Frugal Gamer

Most humorous blog

This is for the blog that worked the hardest to keep us smiling, with a fun sense of humor and a knack for amusing observations.  Nominations: Vagabond Goes for a Walk, Warrior Needs Time Badly, SWTOR from Scratch, That Was an Accident!, Trippin Tyria

Best blog layout

Looks aren’t everything, but they don’t hurt, either.  This award goes to the blog that has the best-looking design while keeping it fully functional.  Nominations: Funsponge, Bloodthorne, Image Heavy, MMO Asylum, Flask Half-Empty

Most prolific blogger

This goes to the blogger who loves to write.  A lot.  Whether it’s a blogger who posts frequently or who pens long essays, the most prolific blogger has a lot to say and is unashamed to say it.  Nominations: Neurotic Girl, My Staff is Bigger than Yours, Game Delver, Noob Raider, Why I Game

Best blog name

The award says it all: This is for the blog that came up with the best blog name.  Sorry kids, Bio Break was taken.  Nominations: Stabby McStabStabKaw Kaw Get In The Bag!, The Diverted Muse, The 10th Level of Gaming Hell, Mighty Viking Hamster

23 thoughts on “Vote in the NBI Awards!

  1. I’m honored The Diverted Muse was nominated for best blog name, but it’s just a newish blog – I started it before April of this year.

  2. I think Altoholic should be here in the last section 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for nominating my blog, but it’s really not that funny. Vote for “Warrior Needs Time Badly” instead 😀

  3. Thank you so much for the nomination! It is truly humbling to be selected from such a massive list of amazing blogs written by incredible people!

    Also: how did I miss “Stabby McStabStab” and “That Was an Accident” in all those blog rolls?! I now know how I’ll be spending this afternoon!

  4. Thanks for the nomination! Just having fun out here, glad a few folks enjoying reading my nonsense 😀

  5. Ahhhhh today will be spent catching up on all these lovely blogs and subscribing to like a million of them 🙂

  6. I’m humbled by being nominated here. The NBI has been so much fun, and my fellow bloggers have all been very nice. Thanks for organizing this!

  7. I appreciate the nomination, and more importantly, I am grateful that to you and all the sponsors for getting me started on this trip. I also am glad to see so many new bloggers start on the same journey with me. This has been a lot of fun.

  8. *total squee!* I have been out of town this weekend and I get home to see that Syp nominated my baby blog. Well someone needs to slap my donkey and call me humble and freaking out happy! Dude just awesome!

  9. I’m not sure which surprises me most – the fact that “That Was an Accident!” is up here, or that sixteen actual people who are not me voted for me. Whoa.

  10. Woohoo!

    Firstly, thank you Syp for your great initiative assembling the Initiative!

    Secondly, thank you to the many wise ones who gave their knowledge about how to build a better blog. I’m still working through all the great advice. I’m excited learning to express myself though writing and pictures and don’t understand the computery stuffs.

    Thirdly, thanks again for the nomination of “Best Newish Blogger”! I feel very honored!

    (fashions an origami tiara, cuts out construction papers “participant” ribbons, walking around trying to pin them on people)

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