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My stubbornness vs. MMO

It was on.  Oh, it was so on.

This was the thought pounding through my head as I made my way up a tree ramp for the 45th (no, I’m not exaggerating) time, slaughtering mobs left and right.  I crested the peak, looked for the large mushroom before me, and started hopping my way down.

Hop.  Hop.  Hop.  Hop.  Drop.  Hop.

And as I hit the bottom, I hoped in vain that this would be the time that the achievement would trigger, that RIFT would grant me “the Shroomer” title, and I could finally leave this cursed tree and continue onward.

It did not.  I sighed, turned around, and started back up the ramp.  The voice in my head was merely growling, a low and steady rumble that belied my stubborn intent to get this achievement or bust.  It was silly — I knew that.  There was no substantial advantage I was going to gain by getting it.  And to make a potential departure scenario more likely, I knew from my research on the forums that this particular achievement was buggy and possibly broken.  Still, some wrote that they were able to do it, and the GM I contacted around run #30 said it was possible.

Run run run.  Hop hop hop.  Nothing.

At least I’m getting XP, I consoled myself, and some loot.  I wonder if I’ll write about this on my blog and open myself up to people rolling their eyes and saying, “Why bother?”  I probably will if I can’t think of anything better tomorrow.

I’d gotten addicted to doing achievements in RIFT, and set a personal goal of doing all of the ones in each zone that were possible without an obscene grind (which meant I ignore the rare creature kill achievements and the artifact sets) before moving on.  It’s actually been a blast, and slamming my stubborn head against some of the trickier ones has proven to result in a dose of euphoria when I’m able to achieve it.

Run run run.  Hop hop hop.

“Mushroom Soup” achieved!

It’s always when you least expect it, and in this case, it was a quick one-time run that I did in the middle of the afternoon.  One chance at it, and around attempt #60 or so, it worked.  I’m now Sypi the Shroomer, and better for it — with the exception of that twitch in my eye that I can’t get rid of.

The funny post-script?  After getting an email from a GM telling me that the achievement was working, he sent another saying that it was possibly borked.  Thanks for letting me know!

6 thoughts on “My stubbornness vs. MMO

  1. My boyfriend and I tried that achievement together. He got it on his first try. It took me … several tries. More than several. At least he knew better than to say anything!

  2. Congrats! I successfully did it twice, but didn’t receive it. Then I read that it was bugged, wrote to a GM and he gave me the title.

    And I also LOVE the achieves in rift. I’m close to 5500 achieve points, and like you, I skip the artifact and rare ones. I’m defiant on a pvp server (seastone) so working on the Gloamwood ones now can be a bit tricky, but fun.

    Good luck!

  3. Congratulations! lol!
    I don’t know anything about Rift (except where “of Nurz Ghashu” is concerned), but can totally empathize with your predicament, seeing such similar things elsewhere. 😀
    Obsession ~ It’s not just a 1976 mystery thriller.

  4. This is the one in Scarwood Reach, right?

    If so, just to really tick you off, I got that achievement on one of my first visits to the zone without even knowing it existed. I’d fought up to the top of the tree to see what was there and been chased out by some tough critters. Trying to escape without killing myself I saw the mushrooms forming a sort of ladder all the way down so I bounced down them to safety – and an unexpected achievement.

    Those circumstances mean it’s one of the very, very few achievements in any MMO I can actually remember getting.

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