Two small play session moments

From yesterday:

In RIFT, I’m finally done with Scarwood Reach, but I haven’t left quite yet.  You see, with Summerfest comes a really cool opportunity to net a whole ton of vanity pets — and if there’s anything I’m all over, it’s vanity pets.  Each zone has a rare pet wandering around somewhere, and if you find it, you can “trap” it and it becomes yours.  It helps to make macros to target these particular critters and then ride around.  There are also confirmed spawn points you can camp.

So camp I did.  While I worked most of yesterday, I had RIFT running in the background where my character was planted at one of the supposed spawn points.  I kept a combat pet out to keep me alive in my absence, and every so often I’d alt-tab over and see if the critter — in this case, a black coyote — had appeared.  After a couple hours he did indeed, and I’m now the proud owner of a cool-looking dog.

In The Secret World, I was jogging over to a mission location when I saw a pumpkin stand.  Hey, you have to check that out, right?  What’s weirder is that three people were standing around it, so I thought maybe there was a quest there.  Nope!  They were just roleplaying, and after telling me that I might be in for a long wait if I wanted to buy a pumpkin, I actually engaged them in a little light RP before moving on.  That doesn’t happen to me often, but I didn’t want to be rude.  Plus, they complimented my doggie.

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