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MMO Juggling: The Three Quest Plan

Since talking a little about different MMO juggling plans, I’ve continued to think on the subject.  Lots of people have come up with other ideas, and I’ve been a little worried looking at the calendar for this fall.  None of my plans felt right for me, but after some thought, I might have something that will work better.

I’m calling it the Three Quest Plan.  The idea is not to rotate based on days or time, but on accomplishments.  In this case, playing an MMO until I’ve done three quests, then go to the next one.  Maybe game A takes an hour and a half while game B takes 30 minutes, I won’t worry about that.

So when Guild Wars 2 rolls around, I’m looking at this:

  • 3 quests in LOTRO
  • 3 quests in RIFT
  • 3 quests in The Secret World
  • 3 quests/events/heart areas in Guild Wars 2
  • Rinse and repeat

That actually makes me feel more calm, just looking at it.  Three quests feels about the right length of content to stay in a game (one or two would be too few, more than three could feel like a chore if I’m looking forward to the next game on the list).  It keeps me balanced between the games, doesn’t have me spending too much time away from any one title, and keeps me advancing across the board.

It also will tailor itself to however much time I have to game any particular day or week.  I only get an hour?  Maybe I can hit only one or two games on the list, but the ones I didn’t will be next in line tomorrow.  Have a few hours to splurge?  I might be able to get around to all of them and then even loop back to the beginning.

It’s not a perfect plan, I’ll grant you that.  It doesn’t make allowances for dungeon runs or non-quest related activities.  It still might have me logging in and out far more frequently than I’m doing now.  But I’m hoping to strike a nice pace that gives all the games a fair shake while not wasting my subscription time.

I’m putting this plan into action as of today, and I’ll let you know in a week or so how it’s going.

8 thoughts on “MMO Juggling: The Three Quest Plan

  1. I’m not sure that’s going to work well for you, unless you mean “quest arcs.” Or I think the games will start to feel single-player and not like an MMO.

    Unrelated note: I’ve been following you via RSS for a long time, and I like what you’ve done with the look of the site.

  2. We’ll see — it’s an experiment. I’m not a fast quester by nature, so 3 is about a good play session for me.

  3. Well you got me into The Secret World and I am loving it so much I canceled my SWTOR sub. I wish you luck on this experiment though. I tend to obsess so I think the hardest thing for me would be to stop playing one of them if i was having a rocking time. I look forward to seeing how it works out.

  4. How are you defining “quest”? It’s not uncommon for MMO’s to put three or more quests in the same location (kill 10 of these, loot 6 of these, interact with 4 of these, fight X named mob). Will you fire up your hearthstone-equivalent as a matter of principle rather than complete the fourth quest in the same location?

    More to the point, I guess I don’t understand the why. If you are enjoying the completion of quests, why force yourself to quit after precisely three? If you’re not enjoying the quests, why force yourself to sign on? Perhaps your situation is different than mine due to all your columns and podcasts, but I usually find that I have a particular game that I want to play on any given day, and yet I do eventually get around to juggling half a dozen MMO’s.

  5. Good questions, and I’ll definitely address them in a follow-up post on this. Long answer short, I’m just trying to find a method that works good for me and self-discipline.

  6. I do mine in a round, no time-limit for each game but in spare time I play favourite games in the the same order (ish), staying longer (for months even) with a game if I’m having fun, moving on to the next in the round if I’m not in the mood for the game whose “turn” it is that day or that week and keeping an eye on the blogworld for anything I might be missing and want to see. It’s easy to add tryouts by tucking them in somewhere, and I get somewhere eventually on old favourites. Over time the round evolves – I change the order around so that I’m not playing a string of rpgs, or a blob of MUD’s. I drop and add things. Sometimes a game calls me and I step out of the round too and just go play it until the fever has left. Mine is not a good system for speedy levellers or achievers I think but nothing gets neglected. Or stale. I feel for ya though… so many things to play, so little time…

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