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Postcards from GW2’s head start

Syp, Asura Engineer. She’s a bit of a pyro.
I love this rifle design — it’s got that Asura high-tech look to it. Since I’ve earned six transmutation stones so far, I’m going to probably keep this rifle design going for a while to come.
Aw, gate, why you gotta be a hater? Not sure where this goes, but I feel left out. Also, you may notice my 80s color scheme there — I’ve found a few rare dyes, and I’m loving the color system.
The aquarium in Rata Sum. I was so dang impressed with this — and the whole city. It’s just an awesome place to explore, looks incredible, and has all sorts of nooks and crannies to discover.
Rocking the free GW2 hat. I really wish you could wear town clothes in combat.
That tentacle thing is me. I’ve found three Black Lion lockboxes, and while I’m not going to buy any keys, I did get two of them for free (one a drop, one a quest reward). The ability to transform into this thing came in one.
There’s so much laugh-out-loud humor in this game, particularly in the spoken dialogue. Don’t rush through it — you have to linger a bit to get the full effect!
I keep thinking, “If you can instantly dismiss GW2 and hop on the backlash wagon, there’s just no saving you whatsoever.” Seriously, this is one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever seen.
Coming back to the Hall of Monuments — it was a somber trip, seeing this all in ruins. But cool too.
Dang I want to be a pirate when I grow up.











4 thoughts on “Postcards from GW2’s head start

  1. its an absolutely gorgeous game with a LOT of thought put into little details. but I do see how some people might be disappointed. the hype it got doesn’t even come close to matching the product. and I’m saying it as someone who pretty much lived an entire weekend in it and plans on playing it for a very long time… maybe even by some gems for real life money. so if people tried it because of the hype (especially the “wow killer one mmo to rule them all” hype)…yeah….

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